Impact of Work From Home on Work and Life 

Work from home is now a new term for millennials. India’s Business, start-up companies, E-commerce is growing beautifully since 2015. India was the third-largest start-up ecosystem. Also, the media company’s growth now has a significant view. Why Work from Home? In 2020, this covid-19 pandemic affected all over everything in the world. Employees and Employers

India Confirmed Deal with Russia About AK-103 Rifles

As a part of the super infantry modernization program, India is acquiring a sizable number of AK-103 rifles for the Indian Army from Russia. These two nations made a deal under the arrangements of crisis acquisition.  PTI office covered this news on Friday.  Under this modernization plan of India- Russia, the army is purchasing a

Revisiting Firozabad Rail Disaster of 1995

Firozabad rail disaster is India’s one of worst and horrible disasters. The Firozabad rail disaster happened on 20 August 1995 close to Firozabad on the Delhi-Kanpur segment of India’s Northern Railway, at 02:55. In this case, an express train collided with an express train face to face. This train hit a cow and 358 people.

Raksha Bandhan: History & Significance

Raksha Bandhan’s ritual celebrates the purity and holiness of the bond that exists between siblings. Raksha implies wellbeing and Bandhan implies bond. This celebration is commended between siblings for their undying help and a promise of insurance of one another under any critical situation. This year, Raksha Bandhan will be praised on 22nd August which

The celebration of Madras Day in India

Madras Day is a festival celebrated to show respect to the founding of Madras (now Chennai), a city in Tamil Nadu, India. When is Madras Day celebrated? This special day is celebrated on 22nd August each year. It is because on 22nd August 1639, East India Company factors Sir Andrew Cogan and Sir Francis Day

Rumors are disrespectful: Cristiano Ronaldo

On Tuesday Cristiano Ronaldo confounded reports that he was not trying to return to Real Madrid. Some hours after coach Carlo Ancelotti also said he was not going to take the Juventus forward back to Spain. In an Instagram post, Ronaldo said that his “story at Real Madrid has been written”, although he did not

21st August: Celebrating National Spumoni Day

National Spumoni Day on August 21st commends a heavenly frozen treat. It hails from southern Italy. Traditionally, three shaped layers of seasoned gelato make an interesting pastry. The smooth creation regularly remembers sweetened leafy foods for two layers and with a third chocolate layer.  As per a Chicago Tribune article from July 4, 1979, a

Onam 2021- why it is celebrated

Onam is one of the most prominent festivals of India. The people of South India celebrate it, especially the people of Kerela. The people of Kerela eagerly wait for this festival throughout the year. What Onam actually is Onam is a festival that the people of Kerela celebrate as an offering to the gods for