US Lawmaker on Taliban: Disgusting to watch Pakistan Officials celebrate Taliban victory

Pakistan and its knowledge administration had a vital impact in encouraging the Taliban and ultimately assuming control over Afghanistan. US lawmaker, Steve Chabot, has claimed that it is nauseating to watch Islamabad praise the gathering’s triumph, bringing “untold severity” to Afghans. Congressman Steve Chabot said that he praises the Indian government for welcoming the Afghan

All you need to know about the Poonia murders

The Poonia murders or the Relu Ram Poonia murder case is the mass murder of the Indian politician Relu Ram Poonia along with seven of his family members. Who committed the Poonia murders? Ram’s daughter Sonia along with her husband Sanjeev Kumar murdered Relu Ram and his seven family members over a property dispute. All

Covid Vaccination and Politics: the saga continues

From January 2021 Covid vaccination drive started in India for people above 60. Then onwards Covid vaccination and politics are being co-related and the saga continues.  Recently, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, on Wednesday reported an exceptional immunization drive for moms of kids underneath the age of 12 years on need premise in