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Chewing gum developed to cut Covid transmission

New experimental chewing gum has been developed that can reduce the transmission of coronavirus. In a study, published in the journal Molecular Therapy, chewing gum containing a protein that traps coronavirus particles could limit the amount of virus in saliva and help curb the Covid transmission. The researchers noted that people who are fully vaccinated

What are open pores and endometriosis?

What are open pores? The term ‘open pores’ refers to enlarged skin pores that have become more noticeable over time. The pores on the skin allow it to ‘breathe’ by releasing the sebum or natural oil onto the surface. Where do open pores occur? However, large skin pores often appear in areas that have a

Zero thought state of mind

What is zero thought? The ‘zero thought’ is a state of mind where negative elements like hatred, fear, doubt, ego, guilt, shame, judgment, and so on don’t exist. It is a state of mind, which emits pure positive energy at a high frequency, that is, joy and love. This state of mind has only intentions