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Exipure review 2022: is it worth the hype?

There are hundreds of diet pills available in the market. But most of them are not helpful. It is hard to resist the promises made by these companies. This is because you have tried everything and are still not able to lose weight. Another reason is that people are lazy or have busy routines. So

New restrictions issued in West Bengal for Covid-19

With more than a 14-fold rise in Covid cases in just seven days, the West Bengal government on Sunday reimposed stricter restrictions till January 15 by closing schools and colleges, limiting the workforce across offices, and restricting flights from Delhi and Mumbai. While the curbs on flights from the two cities will come into effect

Lockdown not discussed in Mumbai, 6347 covid cases

Continuing the upward trend of fresh covid cases, Mumbai on Saturday reported 6,347 fresh Covid cases, the municipality said. Out of these new cases, around 5,712 are asymptomatic. This may be an indication of the spread of the Omicron variant, which is spreading fast without causing severe illness. On Friday, Mumbai recorded 5,428 fresh cases;

All about new party rules in Goa due to Covid-19

India has reported 9,195 COVID-19 cases and 302 deaths in 24 hours, the government said on Wednesday. The country’s Omicron tally stands at 781. Delhi has reported the most number of cases of the new variant, with a tally of 238. Accordingly, there were new party rules in Goa issued by the CM. Reports came

Omicron threat allows private labs to sequence genomes

The government may allow private laboratories to conduct whole-genome sequencing of Sars-Cov-2 positive samples. This is because of the Omicron threat. They will do this to scale up testing facilities in the wake of the threat posed by the heavily mutated Omicron variant. This, the people familiar with the development, said. “There have been talks

Chewing gum developed to cut Covid transmission

New experimental chewing gum has been developed that can reduce the transmission of coronavirus. In a study, published in the journal Molecular Therapy, chewing gum containing a protein that traps coronavirus particles could limit the amount of virus in saliva and help curb the Covid transmission. The researchers noted that people who are fully vaccinated

What are open pores and endometriosis?

What are open pores? The term ‘open pores’ refers to enlarged skin pores that have become more noticeable over time. The pores on the skin allow it to ‘breathe’ by releasing the sebum or natural oil onto the surface. Where do open pores occur? However, large skin pores often appear in areas that have a

Things to know about World Aids Day

When do people celebrate World Aids Day? People observe December as World AIDS Day across the world. The day, as the name suggests, is to show support for people living with HIV and the ones who have lost their lives because of AIDS.  History of World Aids Day World AIDS Day was first conceived in

Zero thought state of mind

What is zero thought? The ‘zero thought’ is a state of mind where negative elements like hatred, fear, doubt, ego, guilt, shame, judgment, and so on don’t exist. It is a state of mind, which emits pure positive energy at a high frequency, that is, joy and love. This state of mind has only intentions