Ways to get galaxy messenger set in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India has crossed 50 million downloads. Krafton had organized an event that said that each of the players would be given a permanent outfit once BGMI had crossed 50 million downloads. Since this has happened in India, players would be able to get the Galaxy Messenger Set in BGMI free of cost. In

Piyush Goyal criticizes Tata for running business against the country’s interests

On 12th August, Thursday, the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal made a statement. He said with utmost confidence that the business practices, especially that of Tata were against the interests of the country. He criticized the Tata Group publicly at the Confederation of Indian Industry’s annual meeting. The statement of the commerce

Noakhali Riots: the disastrous massacre

In order to understand the Noakhali riots, we must know something about their background. In 1946, the times in many parts of the subcontinent were not stable. They were tense. The British had promised to the then government to declare independence to its prized colony, India. But there was no concrete decision as to how

Abul Fazal, the vizier at Akbar’s court

12th August is the death anniversary of Abul Fazal, the vizier in Akbar’s court. On this very day in 1602, Abul Fazal was assassinated because Akbar’s son, Prince Salim who was later known as Jahangir instigated it. Abul Fazal was also known as Shaikh Abu al-Fazi ibn Mubarak. He was a high-ranking minister and political