+1 201-685-8924 / 201-685-8924 / +12016858924 / 2016858924

This number 2016858924 is from – New Jersey (United States), people flagged this number as – Dangerous, numbers read more below

One of the internet users shared – “Hey there, my name is Steve and I am a remote recruitment agent for AISocial, I checked out your website and I am impressed. I am currently looking for a couple more social media specialists to join our team. The position is flexible so you can work it a couple hours a day on the side of your main business, it pays a minimum of $200 per day and would involve completing various tasks on social media platforms. We currently are hiring 4 more people from your location, if you are interested you can view the details of the job by clicking my hiring link below, it isn’t the hardest job but we are looking for the most qualified candidates to proceed. https://www.eaisocial.*/socialmediajobs Thank you for your time, we hope to see you on our team! Looking out for you, Steve from AISocial”.

Here is the number – +1 201-685-8924 / 201-685-8924 / +12016858924 / 2016858924

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