+1 604-584-2771 / 604-584-2771 / +16045842771 / 6045842771

Subhan N

The number is mentioned above 6045842771 and below are scam numbers. Be aware of this number of – Surrey, BC (Canada)

They will call you and will try to ask for your personal information, make sure not to share any confidential details with anyone and be more cautious with these mentioned numbers –
+1 604-584-2771 / 604-584-2771 / +16045842771 / 6045842771 as they can be fraud.

People commented about this number- “Over a long weekend I had a chance to talk to few people, all of them are aware of what dictator Dave Foulds is doing, also one of the person confirmed that she knows for sure that cops did have listening devices installed at unit #26.good thing we are away from this craziness where a neighbour allows police to spy on another neighbour 🤬”

“Criminal with badges”.

“The bottom line is, if you have a badge and you break the law you are worse than a criminal because you hide behind the law and took an oath to uphold the law and protect people”.

“Good thing the story is already being investigated out of RCMP hands 😉”

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