+1 833-489-1234 / 833-489-1234 / +18334891234 / 8334891234

The number which is mentioned above 8334891234 and below is scam numbers. Be aware from this number of – (United States)
They will call you and will try to ask your personal information, make sure not to share any confidential details with anyone and be more cautious with these mentioned numbers – +1 833-489-1234 / 833-489-1234 / +18334891234 / 8334891234 as they can be fraud.

People commented about this number- “This is Capital One.

“833-489-1234 is definitely fraud. They said they were from Capital One Fraud Dept. No issue with you account, but have some important issue to speak to you about. If you call the number back they will ask for your full social. Credit card companies and banks will never ask for your full social over the phone, they will always ask for the last four of your social, or some other identifying info like a security pin number, your address, or phone number they have on file. This is definitely a scam. Always call the contact number on the back of your card, or the fraud number for your bank, or credit card company.”

“It’s not a dangerous number as everyone says – it is capitalone fraud. i called and when asked for the full social got uncomfortable and called the number on the back of my card. they also ask for my full social (though it was a real person instead of automated like the first number) – I said I wasn’t comfortable doing that and they asked for account number instead. there was a fraud charge on my account so good thing I called. so yes – it’s a safe number people are just lazy and don’t want to do extra work lol, just say you don’t want to give your social”.

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