+1 888-267-7234 / 888-267-7234 / +18882677234 / 8882677234

This number 8882677234 is from – United States, people flagged this number as – Safe, numbers read more below

One of the internet users shared – “This person is sending out emails also so beware. My husband received an email claiming to be lake trust wanting to discuss his credit account. The email contained this phone #(888)267-7234 which when I goggled led me to this scam beware page. Which is not lake trusts number. So beware that the scams are sending out emails.”

“This is a scam number. The caller said her name is Pam and works for LakeTrust Credit Union. She asked me to call her back. When I called the ACTUAL LakeTrust Credit Union at their public number (not this number that she left in my voicemail to call back to) I was told that this was at least their third call this week of people being scammed or attempted scams. LakeTrust stated that at least one person had fallen prey, adding that these scammers go for your checking account info and if they get it they will clear your account. Do not give them any info or call back to this number!!!!!!! They’re not legit. IT IS NOT LAKETRUST. The credit union will not call you unless you call them and ask for a callback. They will mail you any correspondence that’s necessary.”

“Credit department loans collect due payment.”

Here is the number – +1 888-267-7234 / 888-267-7234 / +18882677234 / 8882677234

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