+1 970-371-9275 / 970-371-9275 / +19703719275 / 9703719275

The number which is mentioned above 9703719275 and below is scam numbers. Be aware from this number of – Colorado (United States)
They will call you and will try to ask your personal information, make sure not to share any confidential details with anyone and be more cautious with these mentioned numbers –
+1 970-371-9275 / 970-371-9275 / +19703719275 / 9703719275 as they can be fraud.

People commented about this number- “CHECK your phone’s FORWARDING NUMBER now! IF there is a number YOU DID NOT PLACE IN YOUR PHONE?!!! YOU are being hacked and YOUR PRIVACY is being completely violated! 10-28-2022 COMPLAINING to CONSUMER CELLULAR of hacking, Service Rep. directed me to forwarding, this is when she/Rep. and I discovered this number placed in my phone by some DOMESTIC TERRORIST piece of SH*T! HIGHLY likely your calls and all data transferred thru your APP’s is being ROUTED and WIRETAPPED to this nefarious FORWARDING NUMBER(and ANY third party accessing this number as a TAPPING HUB! Past 2 yrs. having 3D Printers and Prototypes maliciously damaged. Violating my ADT Security System VIA App on my phone (Why I no longer use my phone’s with a password, terrorists can purge password right out of App) FEDERAL PROSECUTOR(s) must investigate and prosecute ORGANIZED STALKING (RICO) CRIMES – The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”) statute, 18 U.S.C. § 1961 et seq.,) ga”.

“The SOB is in my phone I can’t get him out. I got a new phone and a new number and by the time I got home he was already in my call forwarding. So I can’t answer my phone unless I tell my friends that you have to call twice so it will ring. I’m calling the service provider right now. I have two different ones and they are in all my Devices. Please help up Michelle”.

“Ugh, people are freaking out over nothing. If you typed in *#61#, and found this number, you have nothing to worry about. If you have AT&T, there are two reasons this number is listed. 1. You have an AT&T voicemail. This is how unanswered calls are sent to your INDIVIDUAL voicemail box, not anyone else’s. Remember, it is JUST yours. This will be most, if not ALL AT&T customers in Colorado. 2. You downloaded AT&T’s Call Protect app and configured it on your device. If it detects a verified spam or telemarketer caller, it directs them AWAY from your voicemail, whilst blocking the call. Everyone calm down and stop making assumptions. It’s okay to be worried but do your research first before making false claims you can’t support.”

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