21st August: Celebrating National Spumoni Day

Rajasree Roy

National Spumoni Day on August 21st commends a heavenly frozen treat. It hails from southern Italy. Traditionally, three shaped layers of seasoned gelato make an interesting pastry. The smooth creation regularly remembers sweetened leafy foods for two layers and with a third chocolate layer. 

As per a Chicago Tribune article from July 4, 1979, a “certified spumoni” formula was brought to the United States from Nola, Italy in 1905. Salvatore Lezza began a pastry kitchen in Chicago alongside his significant other, Lucia. Their customary formula called for three layers of semifreddo – an almond layer, semisweet chocolate, and stracciatella. Stracciatella is a sort of gelato with unpredictable pieces of chocolate in it. The “semifreddo” means semi-frozen. 

Those are the usual ingredients added in Spumoni. But anyone can add their own version. They can include chocolate chunks and chips and whole pieces of cherries or maybe any other flavour. On this National Spumoni Day, many ice cream parlors create their own version of spumoni. Many people try to make it at home with some exotic flavors too. 

Spumoni is now being quite a cultural and geographical dessert in recent years. It was actually from Naples. But to be more commonly eaten and enjoyed in America and Argentina. The only difference between Spumoni and Ice cream is that ice cream is scooped and Spumoni is sliced. Spumoni is now becoming a heritage for the US. There is a popular ice cream called ‘Neopolitan Ice cream’. It is also a variation of Spumoni. It was named after Naples. This version of Spumoni is made with vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors. Canada celebrates their National Spumoni Day on 13th November. 

The ending of August is the ideal time to take the opportunity to chill off with some Italian frozen yogurt, so make certain to track down a cool place and have a taste. While you’re eating Spumoni on this day, remember to give a Spumoni to the Internet using the hashtags. Because Spumoni is comparatively underrated.

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