Review: Is acsthper Real or fake?

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To know about either is acsthper scam or a trustworthy company, and whether you should purchase any item from or not? You are in the right place. We will discuss today this online store/There are a lot of online stores claiming to offer various items at huge discounts. But the majority of them are frauds, fake or scam websites like the acsthper website.

The email has been given in their website is [email protected] and their contact number, 235880

What is the website?

acsthper is an online site that retails with Metal art, Hummingbird feeder, KN 95 mask, and other collections. They claim that they sell home and garden products with good quality standards and smooth customer service.acsthper firmly claims that they are confident and comfortable providing unique products with high quality.

Details about this website:

Website name: acsthper

Email: [email protected]

Contact address: The second floor of No. 4 Zhongxing Road, Xinyi City (Unit 12, District 2, Xinli Development Zone, Dongzhen Town)

Contact number: 235880

Products Category Metal art, Hummingbird feeder, KN 95 mask

Type of Product Name Magic Metal Kinetic Sculpture, Solar panel light

Options for payment: Paypal, Debit card, Credit card

Shipping Policies: 2-4 weeks

Delivery time: 10 and 20 days

Return Policies: within 45 days

Social media links: Not mentioned

Positive highlights of this website:

  • This website offers payment methods which allow you to get your money back.
  • It offers all the accessible and valid policies to the customers.

Negative highlights of acsthper website:

  • This website has a very low trust score of 1 , which expands the trust concern.
  • The portal has negative reviews on other sites.
  • Website domain is very new, just a month which create trust issues.
  • Website does not have any social media accounts linked, that causes suspicion to its genuineness.

Points to prove that the website is a scam:

1.Website Age: 12-01-2022, just a couple of months old

2. Maximum Discount offers: upto 70%

3.Trust Score of Website: 1

4.The legitimacy of the Contact address: Does not seem legit

5.Customer Complaints: Found in various other websites

6.The legitimacy of the Email ID: Seems fake

Frequently asked questions about this website:

Is the acsthper website fake?

yes, according to our research, we found this website fake, we recommend do not make any purchase from this website.

Is this website a scam?

yes, seems to be a scam website.

Is this website legit?

no, acsthper doesn’t look like a legit website

Is acsthper website safe?

No, we found this website suspicious.

Our Opinion about acsthper:

According to our manual check, we suspect this website and advise our visitors not to make purchases from this website. This website attracts people and then scams them. Our suggestion for you is to stay away from these types of websites.

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2 thoughts on “ Review: Is acsthper Real or fake?”

  1. The site is the typical Chinese scam site. Expect to either lose your money or get a product that is worth a tenth of its sale price. The site boasts of MADE IN USA, with US offices, when on truth they are 100% Chinese, and even that address is fake. A site started in January 2022 is having a Closeout Sale? This is also a boilerplate website, meant to go up quickly and disappear just as quickly…if you see a site that looks like this for ANY “big discount” product (Usually advertised with computer/human voice and some story of a “rogue employee”) RUN! I hate to have to say this, BUT IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS! Sadly, YouTube and Facebook could easily design algorithms to prevent these scam sites from going up, but the ad dollars, or just filling ad space to give the impression of success for its stock value, is more important than stopping organized crime groups from draining our economy of billions of dollars every year. You are just as guilty if you buy from them thinking PayPal will pick up the bill. Greed is ugly, and is destroying all that is good with people and life on this planet.


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