Android Auto finally gets dual-sim support


Back in September, Google had promised the dual-SIM feature for Android Auto. And sure enough, it appears that the company is finally rolling out an update that will allow a person to choose which SIM to use. This is a welcome addition for the teeming millions of dual-SIM users in the country.

It was first spotted by a Reddit user. In the new update, there will be a feature. It shows a pop-up, which will let one choose their preferred SIM. The feature will be quite handy for those who are always juggling from one SIM to the other. However, it appears that it hasn’t been rolled out for all Android Auto users. The dual-SIM functionality is currently supported by phones running the Android Auto App version 7.1.614554.

The lack of dual-SIM support had always been a sore point for users of the app. Prior to the newest update, Android Auto would only allow one to use the default SIM to make calls. Switching to another SIM was next to impossible. In fact, the lack of dual-SIM functionality was such a major pet peeve that disgruntled users would constantly post on Google support forums asking for an update.

The search giant had launched Android Auto back in 2015. It was designed to enhance the driving experience by integrating key Android features into the app. It provided easy access for voice navigation assistance, SMS readouts, and calling functionality, among other functionality. In 2019, it rolled out its first major update with new features and a big UI design overhaul to reduce distractions. However, one feature was still sorely missing—Dual-SIM support.

Attempting to place a call will now apparently present a pop-up asking the user to pick between SIM 1 and SIM 2, resolving an issue that has existed since 2015 when the service was launched. The update was expected earlier this year after Google reportedly stated a fix was coming in September, but the fix finally appears to be rolling out now.

Two years later, Google had finally announced support for dual-SIM in September this year. It also teased other goodies such as a thermal battery management feature and an additional set of voice commands.

Furthermore, it promised to make long waits for your perpetually-late friend less boring with GameSnacks’ repertoire of, well, games. Also included were features touted to foster better work-life balance with the “Work” and “Personal” profiles. At the time, the tech giant said that these features would start rolling out soon.

If one wants to try out the new dual-SIM feature for their Android Auto, he or she will have to do something. They have to fetch the latest update of the app from the Google Play Store. If that doesn’t work, it could mean that the update hasn’t been rolled out for them yet. More enterprising Android users can, however, sideload the latest APK from APKMirror to bypass that hurdle.

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