Anil Bosak, an IIT graduate ranks 45 in UPSC exam


Anil Bosak is an IIT graduate from Delhi. He belongs to the 2018 batch. He cleared the exam in his third attempt. This person is a native of the Kishanganj district in Bihar.

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is a nationwide competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It is done for the recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India. It includes Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, and Indian Foreign Service. This exam is conducted in three phases. There is a preliminary examination which consists of two objective-type papers, and a main examination consisting of nine papers of essay type. Here, only two papers are qualifying and marks of seven are counted. Then comes the interview. A successful candidate has to sit for a total of 32 hours of examination during the entire process.

There is a cycle in the background. There are also clothes on the hanging line and a handpump too. Along with it are asbestos sheets for the roof. But this seller of clothes has his focus somewhere else. He is busy accepting congratulations for his son. His son just secured rank 45 in the prestigious CSE (Civil Service Examinations). Binod Bosak, who makes a living by selling clothes on a bicycle said, “He first qualified for the IIT. We were very happy. I thought now he will work. But he said that he will prepare for the UPSC. His teacher also helped him a lot, he even offered to help monetarily.”

Mr. Bosak coined the term “dream” for the success of his son. He added, “It was very difficult initially. I think it is a dream. I am not educated.” His father encouraged others to help their child and emphasized that they too would find success. The happy scenes show that the family is sharing sweets and taking in the special moment while posing for cameras in the meantime too. They were also stopping from time to time to take in congratulatory messages from the people who were visiting them. Anil Bosak’s brother Babul Bosak said, “We are very happy. Last year, he got 616th rank. He said he will appear again in the test. And he got 45th rank this time. We are surprised that he got this far. This is a great moment for the entire district.”

This year, the exam was topped by Shubham Kumar from Bihar. He is an IIT graduate from Bombay. A total of 761 candidates- 545 men and 216 women cleared the civil services examinations in 2020. The results of this examination were declared on Friday by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The UPSE said that among the top 25 candidates who cleared the exam, there were 13 men and 12 women.

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