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Looking for shoe brands online? Nowadays, there are several websites online that sell branded footwear. Many of them are popular too. One such is the website.

In this article, we will read a complete review of aogala. This is very important because through this people will come to know the legitimacy of the website. Here is a aogala review.

What is the website?

Aogala is an online retail store. It delivers to its clients amazing-looking shoes. The store is known for its leather boot selection as well as other leather goods, which include bags and handbags.

It sells boots for women, sandals for women, shoes for women, shoes for men, boots for men, boots, and shoes for boys, sandals for men, boots and shoes for girls.

Specifications of this website

  • Official E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: Not provided.
  • Official Address: Not provided.
  • Owner’s details of the Site: The shoe store’s owner is still not recognized.
  • Social Media Links: A lot of social media accounts are linked to this footwear selling website. However, nothing is now in use. This is important in determining Is Aogala is Legit, and a proper evaluation of its social presence should be done.
  • Delivery policy: There is no information.
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions: Yes, both the conditions and regulations are clearly present on the website.
  • Shipping: It delivers orders in 5-25 days.
  • Tracking of products: The site delivers all the tracking details within 48 hours of shipping.
  • Cancellation and Returns: They offer a 30-day money-back policy. Also, on cancellation of purchases, the site levies a massive restocking fee of 20% with a minimum of $25.
  • Refund: The site grants a reimbursement from applicable authorities within four business days.
  • Payment mode: It only accepts PayPal and Credit Card Express.

The only positive aspect of the website

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Negative aspect of this website

  1. There is a 25% cancellation charge if products are canceled
  2. It accepts solely PayPal or Credit Card Express transactions.
  3. It takes 4 weeks to give a refund.
  4. There is no data stated relating to the delivery fee of the products.

Points to prove if aogala is real or fake

  • Creation of Domain: The owner registered this site on April 16, 2022.
  • Website Age: Aogala has been live only for 27 days.
  • Website Expiry: The domain will expire on April 16, 2023.
  • Country of origin: There is no mention of its official address.
  • Trustworthiness: Aogala has a 1% trust rating and a global Alexa rank of zero.
  • Data Safety: To protect the information on the website, the owner provided a secure Https communication route.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 42/100.
  • Threat Profile: 59/100.
  • Phishing Score: 59/100.
  • Malware Score: 45/100.
  • Spam Score: 53/100.
  • Social relations of the Site: Many social networking icons are linked to this website. None of them, meanwhile, function. When visitors attempt to access social networking icons on the website, the links re-divert them to the Aogala site.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is aogala a scam?

Yes, this website is a scam. If you buy anything, you will lose your money.

Is this website fake?

We are sure that this website is fake. Do not dare to buy anything from here.

Is the website legit?

This website is not legit. No one claimed it legally.

Is it safe?

We are sure that this website is not safe. So we would advise you not to buy anything from here.

One can find out more about scam websites here.

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