April sales Reivew: {April 2022} Is Aprilsales legit or scam?


Aprilsales.com is an online website that appears to be somewhat suspicious (due to the reasons explained below). Some customers would like to know whether Aprilsales reviews are genuine and if Aprilsales can be considered a reliable source.
Initially, Aprilsales.com seems to be authentic, but its appearance can be misleading. We’re not saying that the visuals of Aprilsales.com aren’t accurate, however, it’s just one more thing one should be aware of when purchasing something on any online retailer.

To establish if Aprilsales.com is a fake or legitimate, we had to examine the site thoroughly. Aprilsales.

In this article are the steps we took to determine the issue of whether Aprilsales.com reviews are truthful and whether the site can be trusted or not.

We will present all the information to you. Then leave it to you as the sole decision-maker to determine if Aprilsales.com is a fraud or legitimate.

After reading our report, you’ll likely find it obvious (when coupled with your personal knowledge as well as experiences).

The truth is that the main fraud technique employed by websites that are corrupt in 2021 is the creation of unique ‘hidden’ websites for hundreds of products, then selling the items and leaving no way for the buyer to visit the product page after the purchase.

One of the things we couldn’t find on the site is hidden web pages. It’s common for fraudulent internet websites to create websites that aren’t accessible using the search engine on their website or through Google, Bing and Yahoo internet search.
I was unable to access any of these secret pages on this specific internet website. That in turn means there’s a good chance that there aren’t any hidden pages. This gives credibility to the website.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to stumble across an obscured website for this online shop you can write down the web address in the comment section that is below.

Please also inform others about the website (if suitable) by leaving your comments below.
Have you had a chance to be scammed or even ripped off due to the fact that you discovered the information provided in this article too late?

Your opinion is important Please write them at the bottom of this page to ensure that others do not risk making the same mistakes.

On the other hand, if you think Aprilsales.com is real, you can tap the Red “This Site Is not an Scam on the top of the research page. It’s a simple process that keeps you on the page, and let us know your opinion.

If you own the domain of Aprilsales.com and your online store is genuine We strongly suggest that you reach out to us so we can quickly look into the matter further and then swiftly delete or modify any information that is necessary if the site is genuine.

Customer Service Information

Business Address: 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ
Email Address: [email protected]

The exact same contact details have been used on six other websites.

Website Age

When this investigation first established, Aprilsales.com was exactly 13 days old! The domain name of the site was merely acquired on Apr 13th, 2022.
The person who owns this website url Aprilsales.com is identified as the Domain Administrator.

DNS Records illustrate that Aprilsales.com is published using: henrik.ns.cloudflare.com as well as diva.ns.cloudflare.com

SSL Certificate

Aprilsales utilizes the HTTPS certificate.
In other words, if users submit confidential information to this website, there’s less chance the information will be accessed by a third party , mainly due to the fact that all data is encrypted. This is essential for any site to utilize, however, it isn’t a guarantee in itself that the business’s online presence is reliable.


Aprilsales.com is ranked #0 on Alexa.com.
This is a measure of how frequently is Aprilsales.com is. The lower the ranking is, the more popular the site is believed to be.
A list that is more than 1 million points to a page that isn’t widely acknowledged. Know more new scam website.

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