Are Asus ROG Ally X the ideal Steam Deck challenger? A little bit, here’s the reason

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Doubling up on the areas that matter without compromising the feeling

Asus ROG Ally X

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There’s plenty to love about Ally X. It’s a great way to beef up the essential parts that led to our most resentments with the Ally. Ally.

It’s possible that this is an update in mid-cycle, but it sure seems like Asus have a ton of effort of effort into the Ally X. We weren’t able measure on the Ally X properly (look forward to our full review of the details) however, the numbers provide us with a reasons to believe in the product:

Battery: Doubled from 40Wh to

RAM: Increased from 16GB LPDDR5 that runs at 6400Mhz and 24GB more powerful 7500Mhz LPDDR5

Storage: Doubled from 512GB to 1TB, with more speedy loading speeds

Based on this, it’s safe to believe that this device can last longer, and also load more games quicker.

Ergonomically sound

When we reviewed the previous ROG Ally that we reviewed, we had a few issues with the design, namely it was that grips seemed way too thin to allow a solid grasp of the device as well as the control layout was a crowded mix of mushy buttons as well as non-reliable joysticks.

If Asus did nothing to fix these issues concerns, the extra weight of a the larger battery could have been devastating. However, the larger chassis allows the controls more room to expand into, and larger grips, too.

This makes for a more comfortable and ergonomic structure that is easy to handle and, while the battery adds 70 grams of weight as well, it’s placed at the bottom of the frame to provide a more evenly distributed weight.

In terms of the controls the joysticks with rubberized grips felt more comfortable The face buttons weren’t too cramped, and the DPad is very responsive and precise. Simply put, Asus has solved my most pressing issues.


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Early Verdict

Double the storage, increase the battery life, and add more RAM, all while making the ergonomics better and keeping the weight light and light. The ROG Ally X is a tasty mid-cycle upgrade for those not sure about the initial version.


  • +Huge 80Wh battery
  • The buttons and Joysticks have been greatly upgraded
  • Double storage, and much more RAM


  • More expensive at $800.
  • Screen and Processor remain the same

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In addition to AI being mentioned over 300 times during Computex 2024 (I have lost count) The other major topic of the show has been gaming handheldswhich is a charge that was which is led through The Asus ROG Ally X.

It is available for pre-ordering now at $799. It’s not an advanced handheld. It comes with the identical AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and a 7-inch FHD display with a 120Hz refresh speed as the ROG Ally. ROG Ally.

However, Asus has decided to take this chance to do an update to the mid-gen and gone with it. The battery’s capacity has increased to 80Wh, RAM has risen to 24GB and the base storage begins at 1TB, up from the previous year’s 512GB.

All the and still weighing under 700g, and improving ergonomic feel of the handheld with improved grips and a vastly improved joystick and removing the smudges on the D-pad. The price is $800. not a product for those who already owns an Ally however for those who are a first Windows gaming handheld purchaser the X might be the one to give it to you.


Dimensions: 11 inches x 4.4 1.5 inches. 1.5 inches

Weight 1.49 pounds

CPU AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme

GPU AMD Radeon Graphics


Storage 1TB PCIe Gen 4×4 SSD

Display 7-inch FHD, 16:9, 120Hz refresh rate IPS panel

Ports: 1x USB 4 Type-C 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, 1x 3.5mm audio port, 1x microSD reader slot

Wireless connectivity Wi-Fi 6E as well as Bluetooth 5.2

Price $800 USD


While certain elements have changed, some elements remain the same. This could be showing signs of aging earlier rather than laterwhich is particularly annoying considering the cost.

We’re sticking with Z1 Extreme

Let me clarify that I’m not saying this Ryzen Z1 Extreme is a bad chip. Actually in terms of the best gaming handhelds it’s the best one to choose (looking at you MSI Claw). While everything else on the machine is definitely “next gen,” this holdout is an unintentional refresh.

I’m talking about Ryzen AI 300 chip in front of you, and an adjustable Thermal Design Power (TDP) range of 15-45W as opposed with the Extreme’s range of 9-30W. it could have been a delicious and delicious, no-brainer upgrade — especially because the battery’s capacity has doubled.

That display being stuck rigidly to IPS just sucks. It’s not that it’s poor screen technology however, this is the ROG Ally X — a second chance to Asus”diamonds” hidden in the rough. OLED would have greatly improved battery’s life and greatly improved the image quality.

You’re asking me to pay how much! ?

The cost of Windows gaming handhelds has been in the range of $6-700. A bit steep but it’s ok considering what you can accomplish with it. If you increase the price to around $800, it’s an entirely different matter There are a lot of inexpensive gaming laptops with dedicated GPUs that are priced at that price.

You’ll need to be completely in love with the idea of a portable device to spend this much. It is a given that even if you already own an Ally, the additional storage, battery, and RAM isn’t enough to justify buying the same gadget for the second time.

Windows handheld gaming PCs were in use before the deck was released, and there’s been an entire number of them over the fifteen months following. Some are more robust. Some boast premium build quality. Most have screens with higher resolutions. However, none of them has the same the battery’s life span, mobility and price that Valve’s portable. I’m not going to bury the leade that the new ROG Ally is scheduled to ship on June 13th, for $699.99 isn’t changing the price as of today.

It’s not a bad thing that at $700 an hour, this Asus ROG Ally is a major leap ahead for Windows handhelds in a number of ways. It’s not merely a bit stronger over that of the Steam Deck; the AMD Z1 Extreme handheld is considerably larger, yet it’s not thicker or even as costly as the Windows competitors. I would like that I had a Steam Deck would run anywhere close to as silent and also had the Ally’s variable-refresh rate screen that makes my games as fluid.

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