Baby girl chokes to death after swallowing a coin


A four-year-old girl died after swallowing a one-rupee coin. The name of the girl was Khushi. This incident took place in a village in the Mysuru district of Karnataka. Reports said that she was at her grandmother’s place when she accidentally swallowed the coin. The coin was stuck in her throat for three days. This resulted in an infection. Khushi died on Sunday, 5th September while she was undergoing treatment.

 According to a report, Khushi’s uncle gave her a one-rupee coin to buy a balloon. While playing with it, Khushi kept it in her mouth. But by accident, she swallowed the coin and did not inform anyone. So no one even imagined it in their wildest dreams that she might have swallowed the coin. On September 4, she started having trouble breathing and experienced breathing issues. She kept coughing continuously but it did not come out. It stuck in her throat.

Khushi’s family then came to know that something was stuck in her windpipe. She was then admitted to a hospital in Mysuru itself. The doctors told the family to do an X-ray. After the X-ray was conducted, the reports clearly showed the doctors that something was stuck in her trachea. They also came by the fact that the coin had caused an infection. The girl died on the table itself while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

The girl’s family did not lodge any complaint regarding foul play or medical negligence as happened in other cases. A lot of similar incidents have taken place in India. Last year in Kerela, a four-year-old boy had accidentally swallowed a coin at his home near Aluva. He died due to lack of treatment. The family claimed that a government hospital refused to let him in and take up the case. It was because their house fell in a COVID-19 containment zone.

On 28th May 2018 too, a seven-year-old boy from Nasik in Maharashtra had accidentally swallowed a two-rupee coin. His name was Krishna Rajput. According to news reports, his grandfather gave him the coin since he insisted upon it. But while playing, he accidentally swallowed it just like Khushi and no one was the wiser. Later the boy started crying and was unable to speak. Then he started showing signs of uneasiness and complained that he could not breathe. His family understood that something was wrong and rushed him to a nearby district-run hospital for medical treatment.

The doctors took an X-ray and gained knowledge about the coin being stuck in his throat. The doctors used an endoscopy procedure to detect the coin. However, his case was different. It was because he survived after the doctors removed the coin stuck in his throat. Doctor Sanjay Gangurde, head of the Ear Nose and Throat Department at the hospital said, “The coin got stuck in between the windpipe and the esophagus. Krishna was unable to speak and was crying a lot. He was facing trouble breathing as well. With the help of endoscopy, we removed it from his throat.”

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