Covid Vaccination and Politics: the saga continues

Rajasree Roy

From January 2021 Covid vaccination drive started in India for people above 60. Then onwards Covid vaccination and politics are being co-related and the saga continues. 

Recently, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, on Wednesday reported an exceptional immunization drive for moms of kids underneath the age of 12 years on need premise in the state.

This is a good announcement for everyone but people don’t know how this will help. Cause people of West Bengal is not getting covid vaccine slots easily. In the first place when the vaccination drive started people couldn’t even register in the Cowin portal. The glitch is remaining as continuous trouble.

Why this is even started?

In this term, in April 2021, four states of India started their election process. To win this election, many political parties offered vaccination drives. This covid vaccination drive is an emotional issue and related to human interest. So they can easily connect with the mass through this. 

In June, Nadda announced on his Twitter, that there will be a free vaccination drive. Narendra Modi also put on Twitter that news with the phrase ‘world’ largest’. Some people also hosted an event saying the fastest covid vaccination drive. 

Covid vaccination and politics now:

There was a fair system, given constraints on production. But the facility still remains underfunded. In this way, raising only $4 billion of its modest target of $6.8 billion for 2021.

The covid vaccination drive in India is continuing as it’s worst possible. Insufficient production is an important reason for the poor and unequal distribution. Central Government couldn’t even provide vaccines properly, for jab last two months.
There was an incident that happened once in April. The union health ministry issued an order releasing 350 lakh Covishield doses for distribution. But Maharashtra only got less than 60,000. Whereas Maharashtra is being at its worst in this covid pandemic. And states ruled by the BJP party, like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana got above that mark.

In this case, last month, there were some celebrities who got into politics lately. They promoted and encouraged to take vaccines to promote their party.

Some private nursing homes are found to give fake vaccine jabs. There are even some ward counselors and junior political leaders who are giving jabs at a high price. This conflict and saga maybe will be continued till the end of the Pandemic. But all over the nation, the mass will be always affected. They will remain the guinea pig of every social experiment.

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