Death anniversary of one of the youngest Indian freedom fighters: Khudiram Bose


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Khudiram Bose, one of the youngest freedom fighters of India, was born on 3rd December 1889 to Trailokyanath Bose and Lakshmipriya Devi. He was born in the Mohobani village of the Medinipur district in West Bengal (then Midnapore). Khudiram Bose was just 6 years old when he lost his mother. However, the tragedy did not stop there. He lost his father just a year after that at the age of 7.

He was brought up by his eldest sister Aparupa Roy. Then he came in contact with revolutionaries like Barindra Kunar Ghosh of Calcutta (now Kolkata). This led him to become a volunteer in the freedom struggle when he was just 15 years of age. When Sri Aurobindo and Sister Nivedita visited Midnapore, they held many discussions with the revolutionary groups already there. Khudiram Bose remained an active member.

When he was 16 years old, Khudiram participated in the activity of planting bombs near the British police stations. Later the colonial rulers grabbed him because he was distributing anti-British booklets to the local people of Bengal. Khudiram and his fellow revolutionary Prafulla Chaki were great friends. They decided to do something about the situation of the British people thinking Indians were powerless. So, in the month of April in 1908, Bose and CHaki decided to do something.

They threw a bomb on a carriage in Muzzafarpur with intentions to assassinate Chief Magistrate of the Presidency Court of Alipore, Douglas Kingsford. He has sentenced editors of the paper Jugantar to rigorous punishment including Bhupendranath Dutta. However, it was their bad luck that Kingsford was not traveling in that carriage. The duo had brutally killed two women who were traveling in the carriage.

Chaki was afraid of being caught and shot himself dead before the police arrived on the scene. But Khudiram Bose was nabbed by the police. He was arrested, put on trial, and later sentenced to death. He had a death sentence on his head because he had attempted to kill a British judge without any valid reason. (And even if there was a valid reason, the British people would not accept it because they were in power during that time.

So, it was pointless to even hold a trial). Khudiram Bose was part of the famous Anushilan Samiti in Calcutta (now Kolkata). He was one of the youngest freedom fighters of India who sacrificed his life for the nation. He was just above the age of 18 when he was hanged to death. In his honor, the jail where he was hanged was named Khudiram Bose Memorial Central Jail.

Today, 11th August, Wednesday is his death anniversary. So, Union Home Minister Amit Shah paid homage to this great person with flowers at Siddheshwari Kali Temple. He had gone to Bose’s native village in Paschim Midnapore and met with the Bose family members. He also felicitated them with honorary garbs. Khudiram Bose is and will always be remembered as one of the revolutionaries who gave up his life for the greater good.

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