Deepak Chaurasia accused of being drunk on his show


Was Deepak Chaurasia drunk? A video of News Nation Channel anchor Deepak Chaurasia is going viral on social media. This video is from his channel in which he is anchoring. It is seen in the video that Deepak Chaurasia is paying tribute to martyr CDS Bipin Rawat.

During this, his words are not coming out well. In many places, he is taking the name of the late general wrong. While in many places he is calling the general a journalist. This video is becoming increasingly viral. People are getting a lot of reactions to the video going viral.

After this video got viral, there were a lot of tweets from eminent personalities. A famous reporter named Prasant Shukla tweeted, “This is Deepak Chaurasia and he is not in his right senses. He is not able to voice his thoughts properly.

He was not even able to sit properly in the set of the newsroom. In place of Bipin Rawat, he shared his grief and gave his condolences to VK Singh. I just want to understand how many pegs of alcohol does it take a person to get this unstable and be in this condition.”

Another eminent personality, Ashok Kumar Pandey tweeted, “It seems as if Deepak is sitting in the newsroom drunk. Even if he is in a condition to speak, people will not be able to understand him.”

A citizen of India said, “A national news reporter, Deepak Chaurasia is drunk while offering condolences. He is the person who tries to troll other people on his news channel. It does not suit him anymore.”

People are asking Deepak Chaurasia to clear all their doubts. They are asking him why his own news channel did not upload this very particular clip of the show on their channel on YouTube. Was there any problem?

Deepak was in a state of drunkenness while reading out the bulletins on such a serious issue when the entire country was regretting such a huge loss.

The countrymen of India are making memes too on him. They are putting up pictures of cheap alcohol and tagging him. They are asking him on social media, “Why do you drink so much?”

Some of the citizens want him to show his aggressive side to these meme makers just the way he portrays himself in his channel.

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