Earnglobal.co – is it a scam or legit? Website info and reviews

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Is Earnglobal.co a legit site? Undoubtedly not. It has one the lowest trust ratings on our chart. We used 53 powerful factors to identify high-risk behavior and find out if Earnglobal.co scam. Let’s take a closer look at the company and its Trading sector through a detailed review.

Learn how to block and detect scam websites, and what steps you should take if you have already lost money.

Have you seen online screenshots of people earning huge amounts of money using Earn Global? There are several reasons not to rush in. This article will discuss the red-flags of Earn Global and explain why it is not a legitimate method to make money on the internet.

earnglobal.co Review

The Scam Detector Website Validator has given earnglobal.co the absolute lowest score on the platform: 6,9. This indicates that the business may be described by the following tags: suspicious. Young. Untrustworthy..

We are confident of our score, as we have partnered with other high-tech fraud prevention companies and found the same problems. So why is the score so low? We calculated the 6.9 based 53 aggregated factors that are relevant to earnglobal.co’s industry. The algorithm detected activity that was high-risk, such as phishing and spamming. Young. Untrustworthy. Above tags


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Red Flag #1: A newly created website

Earn Global’s website states that it was launched in 2022. The site’s age is revealed by a quick check of the domain. This discrepancy raises a serious red flag because reputable and well-established websites have a much longer history.

Red Flag 2: Unrealistic Earnings Expectations

Earn Global pays out for simple tasks with astronomical payouts.

Click your referral link to earn $2

Refer users and earn $20 each

Spend $30 for each completed survey

These payouts are out of the ordinary for online earning. Referral programs and reputable survey websites offer compensation that is much lower (like less $0,01 a click). It is not feasible for a platform that pays out thousands of dollar for basic activities.

Red Flag # 3: Lack Credibility

Earn Global has no established reputation. There are few user reviews and no concrete proof of people who have cashed in their earnings. Beware of platforms without a large online presence, or a track record that can be verified.

Red Flag #4: Suspicious Referral Frenzy

Earn Global is attracting many new users with its referral program that offers unrealistic payouts. Referral links are all over social media but there is no proof that anyone has ever cashed out. This indicates that the program may be designed with recruitment in mind, rather than actual rewards.

Red Flag #5 Limited contact options with false information

Earn Global only allows you to contact them via email. It is difficult to reach out to them for help or to voice concerns. On their “About Us”, they claim to have more than ten million users. However, this is clearly false given the website’s old age. The website also claims to have apps available for Android or iOS. But the links don’t work, which indicates that they might not actually have an app.

Earn Global has no established reputation. There are few user reviews and no concrete evidence that people have been able to cash out their winnings. Beware of platforms without a large online presence, or a track record that can be verified.

Common Questions

Is earnglobal.co down?

Earnglobal.co, when we last checked, on March 20, 2020 was accessible. It does not always mean the site is accessible. Please check.

Is Earnglobal.co a legit company or a scam?

Domain name registered within six months. The website is new but gets high ratings. This website is rated 37 in our database. This website is potentially risky. Do your own research.

Earnglobal.co was founded when?

Earnglobal.co Domain Name is Registered on March 09th, 2024.

Earnglobal.co operates from where?

The domain name earnglobal.co has been registered since March 09, 2024. We can see that your registration was made approximately 13 days back.

Short story: We do not recommend visiting this website. Why? Let’s explore this in detail.

Nearness to potentially harmful Websites

This metric scores the link between earnglobal.co websites that are marked as suspect. The higher the score, the stronger the link between earnglobal.co and these suspicious online destinations. Note that some website owners are not aware of the proximity their site has to these suspect platforms or servers. A score of “Proximity from Suspicious Websites”, which exceeds 80, indicates that the website is high-risk, whereas one below 30 indicates it’s not as dangerous.

Risk Factors for Spam, Phishing and Malware

These indicators highlight the vulnerabilities of the HTML code on earnglobal.co. The indicators become more relevant when the website receives reports from users who have received unsolicited email, ads or messages relating to the site. As we continue to investigate earnglobal.co and try to determine the exact category, we would love your feedback in the comments section.

A high Malware score indicates that there is suspicious code present, which may have been unknowingly distributed. In contrast, a high Spam rating may indicate that an email address connected to the company is spam-ridden. Scores of less than 30 in either category are good, but anything above that threshold should be a cause for concern.

This in-depth review has revealed that earnglobal.co may be a suspicious site, given the number of risk factors and the analysis of data. Share your experiences in the comments.

Domain Blacklisting Status

This term is used to determine if earnglobal.co appears on any blacklists or suspicious tags.

HTTPS Connectivity: A Test of the Connection

This section gives you an idea if the URL of earnglobal.co includes a’s’ after the HTTP protocol. The tab should be green. This is a good indication.

Bottom Line

Although it is easy to understand the appeal of earning money online, you should be very cautious. Earn Global displays several red-flags that indicate it may be a fraud. You can earn more money online in a more reliable way.

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