Elecron.in website review {April 2022}: real or fake?


There are a lot of websites opening up nowadays. Some of them are related to fashion. And most of the others are related to electrical items. These websites pretend to be selling products at a very cheap price. One of them is elecron.in website.

This is what attracts people the most. They do not think twice before ordering those products. They do not even check the review of these products on Google. This is where they are mistaken.

What is the elecron.in website?

Elecron.in is one such fraud website. It appeared about a month ago out of nowhere on the internet. Then they started advertising their products at ridiculous prices. Like it is stated earlier, people were attracted. They started ordering the products.

Is this website real or fake?

When they waited for days and did not get anything even after ordering the products, they were shocked. Where were the products they ordered? This enraged them as it should. They were angry that their hard-earned money had gone to waste.

It was then that they understood something. They understood that it is a fake website. Then they complained to the customer care department. Since then, customer care has been handling their problems.

Points to prove that the elecron.in website is fake

  • The first point is that there are limited products on display on the website. This is very suspicious.
  • After that, comes the address of the owner. The address given is fake.
  • Even the contact number on the website is fake. So no one will be able to call up the customer service line of the website and complain about not having received any product at all.
  • The next point is that there is no cash on delivery option in their payment section. Therefore, it is very easy for them to loot people as they leave no traces behind after collecting the money of the customers who ordered the products.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is the elecron.in website a scam?

Yes, according to our research, it is a scam. People should be aware of this website.

Is this website fake?

If you read the above points, you will be sure that this website is fake.

Is the elecron.com website legit?

No, this website is not legit.

Is this website safe?

No, this website is not safe. One should be careful while ordering products from this website.

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