Empathy of Shahid Afridi with Taliban: a reason of criticism


Shahid Afridi sympathizes with the Taliban saying that they have come to Afghanistan with a positive mindset.

Who is Shahid Afridi?

Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, popularly known as Shahid Afridi is a Pakistani cricketer. He is also the former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team. This person is considered one of the most famous cricketers of all time. He is mostly recognized for his aggressive batting. He is also an all-rounder and he bowled leg-spin.

 This famous cricketer is also a world record holder. He has a world record for the fastest ODI century in 37 deliveries. This record was there for seventeen years. After that, it was broken by Corey Anderson. Afridi also has a world record for having hit the most sixes in ODI cricket history. This player considered himself a better bowler than the batsman. So, this bowler has taken 395 wickets in ODI and 48 Test wickets. In addition, he has taken 98 T20I wickets.              

Taliban and Afghanistan

After 20 years of war, the Taliban has swept to complete victory in Afghanistan. This group was successful in their attempt to take over the country when they finally captured the capital of the country, Kabul on 15th August. The Taliban were completely successful as the US moved their militants from power. This conflict between the two groups has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions.

The Taliban forces have sworn not to allow Afghanistan to become a base for terrorists who could threaten the West. People have been asking a lot of questions as to how the group will rule the country. The main question was what their rule meant for the women of the country, the human rights of the people, and political freedom.

Why did the US fight the Taliban before?

Back in 2001, there was the attack of 9/11 in New York and Washington. Nearly 3000 people were killed in the attack. Officials identified Islamist group leader Osama Bin Laden to be responsible. But Laden was in Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban, the Islamists who were in power since 1996. When they refused to hand him over, The US military took action and removed the Taliban quickly ensuring that they would support democracy and eliminate the terrorist threat.

What did Shahid Afridi have to say about the Taliban?

Afghans are trying to flee the country for quite some days now. They are actually trying to escape the Taliban rule who took control of the country.  During this intense time, Shahid Afridi praised the militants saying that they have come with a very positive mind. This statement came days after a suicide bombing at Kabul airport that killed at least 170 people including 13 US security personnel.

 This 46-year-old cricketer who will be playing his last match for Pakistan Super League added that the Taliban loves cricket. He encouraged their development and said that it would help people grow.

Shahid Afridi’s tweet about the Taliban

This famous cricketer said, “Taliban have come with a very positive mind. They’re allowing ladies to work. And I believe Taliban like cricket a lot.” He added, “Taliban is giving jobs to ladies, supporting cricket and the cricket series against Pakistan as well. Taliban is very positive towards cricket.”

The people were shocked to hear this and he is facing criticism worldwide for his statements.

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