Facebook lockout support by Meta’s live chat feature


People are criticizing Facebook, Instagram, and parent company Meta for their lack of basic services for online creators. This is despite their bid to attract creators by increasing financial incentives as compared to those offered by other platforms. Facebook lockout is one of them.

The issue is consistent, be it regarding page management tools or community moderation. It is also in case of providing assistance to them in case of a Facebook lockout. This is the situation when Facebook locks users out of their accounts.

However, it seems that Facebook might be trying to solve this issue. It is because it has announced a small test to provide live chat support to those English-speaking creators who do not have a relationship manager assigned.

This is a new feature. It is a Live Chat Support System for English-speaking users of the social media platform in the United States.

This will be a useful feature for people who don’t know how to retrieve their accounts after experiencing Facebook lockout. Facebook has also begun testing the feature with creators who do not have an assigned relationship manager.

According to a statement by Meta, “On the Facebook App, we’ve also started testing live chat assistance for some English-speaking users around the world, including creators who have been locked out of their accounts.

This first test is for those who are unable to access their accounts owing to abnormal activity. It is also for those whose accounts Facebook have disabled as a result of a breach of Community Standards.”

Support agents may help one on the ground or online. A dedicated support website allows users to converse with support staff in real-time. The test is still small, but Meta will notify more people on Facebook or Instagram if it invites them to join.

After losing access to one’s accounts or after Facebook blocks them from accessing their accounts, it will display a pop-up requesting people to talk with them. If a user has difficulty, the message advises that they should contact a customer service representative.

When one selects “Chat with us,” a new chat window will appear. Meta will connect them to a customer service representative who will assist them with regaining access to their account.

Facebook has also added new comment moderation tools for users to filter out abusive comments on their posts. They may now filter comments based on specific terms and automatically hide links or pictures. There’s also a dedicated area where one can see all hidden comments, which Facebook marked with the word “hidden.”

In related news, Facebook Protect is launching itself in India. It is a security program for Facebook users that are likely to be the target of bad actors and other threats. It is designed to protect such users from cyberattacks.

As a part of the security program, critical Facebook users will be shown a prompt to enable the Facebook Protect option and enable two-factor authentication, which creates another layer of security over the usual passwords.

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