Fake delivery status.


I ordered a couple things from Temu.com about two weeks ago. Today 10/11/22 at 2:45 it said my package was delivered but it was never out there at all. Not even a picture was there to confirm they put it on my front porch. I tried to contact a representative but got a message saying they were busy with other recipients. All I have to say is this website is a fraud and will just take your money

4 thoughts on “Fake delivery status.”

  1. Hi Nanii, This is Dada from temu.com. I am so sorry about that happened to you. Could you please send your tracking number to [email protected]? let me do something to help you solve the problems, and I will let your issues in good hand. Contact me, thanks!

  2. I have to say I had some concerns given this is a new platform. But after a few orders, I must say I love shopping on this website! Not a scam for sure


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