These FluffCo Pillows Will Make My Bed Feel like an Luxe Hotel

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Fluffco Pillow review: A woman wearing a towel over her hair, cuddles the fluffy pillows and blanket

There’s something about pillows from hotels that are different from any other pillow in the most amazing way. Maybe it’s the fact that someone else is making the bed once you’ve woken up, or maybe it’s an extension of positive traveling vibes. For those who wish you could experience the hotel-like experience at home, we’ve got great new: FluffCo is a pillow firm that offers luxurious, comfortable headrests to all and we can assure you that it’s worth the publicity.

I’d been thinking about replacing my shabby, old older pillows for a while and, after being disappointed by a high-priced down pillow that was a popular brand that a friend suggested and I was hesitant about investing in something I wouldn’t like. So I was thrilled when I received the FluffCo email, asking for my permission to test drive some.

A couple of days later, my new duo of down-alternatives of one that was firm and the other soft (both priced at $53) came in a sealed vacuum package. I was a bit disappointed as I wasn’t able to immediately discern which one was which (there was no obvious marking on either) however, it didn’t take too long for them to puff up and show themselves to be quite distinct. If I said they were able to fluff up WOW did they expand after being taken out of their pancake-like packaging. To be truthful, I was concerned that the pillow would not be able to fit in my usual pillowcases. It required some stuffing however, they both are pretty well-fitting into my standard size sheets, with little or any extra fabric to roll around. In the bedroom, they went and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they could instantly refresh the look to my bedroom.


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The most important aspect is, of course, how they felt once they finally go to sleep. I’m a sleeper on the side and quickly realized that the firm pillow was too big to comfortably sit underneath my head. The cushion did appear to be the perfect size. I’d always found myself flipping my pillows in mid-night to try to find a comfortable spot or one that wasn’t squashed into a flat position by my head, however, the FluffCo pillow remained cool and comfortable as soon as I got in bed until my alarm was set to go off. Then my pillow of choice remains in good shape and is as comfy (and super fluffy!) as it was the day it first arrived.

Because I’d slept on pillows that were lumpy and squashed for several years I wasn’t sure which one I’d like more: an extra firm or soft one (hence why I tried both). While you can purchase one of them to use on your own through the 30-day trial period offered by the brand, FluffCo also has a test on its website which asks a couple of questions, such as “Are you a stomach, back or side-sleeper?” and “Do you prefer to sleep on a bed with a pillow between your legs ?”–to find out which is most suitable for you. Based on the test I’ve always been going to prefer the softer model, but I’m glad I tested both. (I prefer the firmer model to give me more back support when I’m reading at night.)

After a bit of research, there are two major aspects that distinguish FluffCo from other pillows of a higher quality that are priced at a lower price, and also the unique chambered design that ensures they maintain a high degree of comfort over the course of time. The down pillows made from ethically sourced materials begin at $71 per pillow as well as the vegan alternative designs cost just $53. The difference is in comparison to the standard three-digit cost of hotel pillows. While their prices are similar to or even higher than the other brands that sell direct to consumers (we’re talking about Buffy and Brooklinen) FluffCo’s pillows are less likely to change shape or fluff in time. In each of them are two chambers that are filled with various mixtures of materials –stronger white duck feathers to fill the middle chamber and softer white down for the outer chamber. The materials are engineered to keep their form, even after decades of throwing and turning.

When I was testing FluffCo the product, I’d hung onto some of my old pillows, but I’m more than eager to exchange them all to get a brand new set…and I may also begin sharing my bed with my spouse.

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