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Do you like to wear retro-style dresses? Are you fond of floral dresses? We have come across a website that sells these unique dresses for women, and we thought of bringing it to your knowledge. Its name is

Individuals from the United States are so fond of these kinds of dresses that they have been looking to purchase them from the website and are waiting for the reviews. Here is the gabiiy review.

What is the website?

Gabiiy is an online women’s fashion store that deals in various dresses, from retro styles to floral printed dresses. The website provides highly discountable clothing options for women, and they can purchase the dresses with ease.

They also have new collections according to the seasons and provide the best quality clothing materials to make you feel comfortable.

Specifications of this website

  • Age of the Domain – The age of the domain as mentioned on the internet is 18th March 2022, just a few days ago.
  • Social media networks– We have not come across any social platforms that can answer Is Gabiiy Legit
  • Category– Women’s dresses.
  • Email[email protected]
  • Address– No address details are mentioned on the website.
  • Returns provided– People can return the product within 14 days of the purchase.
  • Refunds provided– Refunds are sent back to the original payment mode within certain days.
  • Payment options– available through PayPal, VISA, and other credit cards.
  • Shipping and delivery provided– Within 3-7 business days of the order received.

Positive aspects of

  1. The store has attracted customers from all over the United States with its varied range of dresses.
  2. The store sells clothing materials that are the best in quality and offers huge discounts on the products sold.

Negative aspects of this website

  1. The store’s legitimacy is questionable due to the trust score present in connection to the website.
  2. The address is nowhere, and we have no idea where the website’s headquarters are.
  3. As for the refunds, the website has provided no information about the store and charges some amount for the shipping.
  4. This site had not provided any social media links.
  5. The site had not revealed the official address of their firm.

Points to prove whether the is real or fake

  • Domain date– The formation date of the website is 18th March 2022, only a few weeks ago.
  • Trust score– The website lacks a trust rating and shows only 2 %.
  • Plagiarised content- The website does not seem to be plagiarised, but we will have to wait for a few months to comment about the same.
  • Alexa Rank– The Alexa rank stands at 2501929.
  • Reviews– We have not come across any Gabiiy Reviews on the internet.
  • Address legitimacy– No address is mentioned, so we cannot comment on its legitimacy.
  • Social media links- We have not come across any social media links such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest that can answer the website’s authenticity.
  • Unrealistic discounts– The website provides almost 50% discount on all its products.
  • Owner’s information– The website has not mentioned anything about the website owner.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is a scam?

Yes, it might be a scam.

Is this website fake?

This website may or may not be fake.

Is gabiiy legit?

We are not sure if this website is legit.

Is it safe?

This website may or may not be safe.

One can find out about more scam websites here.

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