Govind Dotasara scolds senior party leader live


Rajasthan Education Minister and state Congress president Govind Dotasara is again in the news. This time, he is in the news for insulting a senior party leader during his live speech. Local people saw Govind Dotasara scolding the fellow colleague in presence of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

What was the Dotasara meeting about?

In the video, the entire nation could see Dotasara addressing a gathering in Katar Chhoti Gram Panchayat. This comes under Bidasar Panchayat Samiti under the Sujangarh Assembly constituency. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had gone to the village to address a public meeting yesterday. The education minister was also present there. He was addressing the gathering over unemployment and rising prices of petrol, diesel, edible oil, iron, cement, etc. He says it has become difficult for the common man to survive. At this point, he looks back. On doing this, he spots Pusaram Godara, who was standing in front of the CM and was discussing some issues after handing over some papers to Gehlot.

How did Dotasara insult Pusharam Godara?

Dotasara did not like it and started scolding Pusaram Godara in front of the crowd. Godara is a senior leader of the Ratangarh region. Everyone present in the gathering heard Dotasara telling Pusaram Godara, “Oh Pusaramji… Oh, Pusaramji. This is the biggest demerit in you, that’s why there is a problem till today, is this the way, I am speaking and you are interrupting the speech here. Where is the discipline here, what will you show others.” After this, the audience saw that Pusaram Godara went back to his seat.

Who shared the video and why?

Former BJP Rajasthan spokesperson Laxmikant Bhardwaj shared the video on his Twitter. He did so to point towards the callous behavior of the Congress leader. “See how the Congress leader who was talking to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was insulted by his minister Govind Dotasara in front of the Chief Minister,” said Bhardwaj. This is not the first time that Dotasara has hit headlines for the wrong reasons. Earlier this month, he had created a controversy after saying that women teachers fight more in schools over petty issues.

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