Guidelines while buying the perfect fitness band


Who does not want a fit body? Buy a fitness band. Be it the new generation who is hell bend on making muscles and six-packs or a regular person who works daily or a retired person who is enjoying his or her life in peace.

There are various ways to keep one fit. One can go to a club and play outdoor games to shed some weight. Or he or she can go for a run early in the morning. One can even go to the gym to work out while listening to their favorite songs on the headphones. If they are not satisfied with these, they can also perform Zumba to stay fit.

Now, doing these are very important. Even more important is knowing that whatever they are doing is for the right reasons. That is, whatever they are doing is producing results. They must get to know how much to run or how many calories to burn. They must also know if their sleep is complete and the water they are drinking is of the right proportion.

When one thinks about keeping a track of these things, the name “fitness band” comes to mind. As the name, so is the function. This band keeps a track of one’s fitness for 24 hours straight.

If one googles this, a lot of bands in various colors and designs pop up on the screen. Now, this article will help one choose the correct fitness band for oneself. This ban will do its work properly as well as will not be a pinch in the pocket.

The first thing is the display. While buying a fitness band one should check its display. Whether it is completely touchscreen or there are buttons. If there are side buttons, then what is their use. One must also check the visibility and the size of the band.

The next thing is features. By features, one means the purpose it will serve to the owner. It should feature data or a matrix that will keep one’s weight in place. The band should also follow the sleeping pattern of the owner. It must also remind the owner in between if he is sitting for too long in a particular place and needs to walk or run a bit.

The third thing is sensors. Sensing the heart rate and oxygen level is the most important work of a fitness band. The band must monitor the rate of the heart, how many times it beats in a minute, and calculate the oxygen level in the body.

Then comes activity tracking. How many activities can a fitness band track be one of its most important features? It must track the running rate, sleeping pattern, cycling rate, and many others. So one must choose a band which does it all.

After that comes GPS. It can be a built-in GPS or one which can be connected via the phone. The first one is costlier than the second. If one can keep their smartphone with them, then buying the second one is not a problem.

Next comes the app and connectivity. This app is very useful because one will interact the most with it. It must be kept in mind that the app should give regular updates, how is its user interface. It must also be kept in mind if the band can connect to both android and Ios devices.

One must also check if the device is waterproof or it can resist water. This is because this feature will determine if the watch can be worn in all weather conditions.

Battery and charging come next. Battery life depends on its features. The fitness bands nowadays come with 4 or 5 days backup. One can charge them twice a week and that will be enough.

Now comes the suggestions of some popular brands. The first is OnePlus Smart Band. It tracks heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleeping pattern. It is 50m water-resistant. One can control music, call, and camera through it. This costs Rs. 1899.

Next comes Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6. It monitors stress, heart rate, and SBO2. This can track 20 different activities. It comes in 5 colors. Its battery lasts up to 2 weeks. It costs Rs. 3499.

After that comes Honor Band 6 Meteorite Black. It has an auto-detection feature for workout mode. This monitors heart rate and blood oxygen. It costs Rs. 3999.

The last one is OPPO Smart Band with Extra Strap. This monitors blood oxygen and has a battery life of 12 days. It can also track 12 different workout modes. It comes with an extra strap. The cost of it is Rs. 2799.

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