Guinness Mini Fridge Fathers Day Giveaway ScamGuinness Mini Fridge Scam

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There’s an Guinness Mini Fridge Scam going on Whatsapp and they claim as being from Guinness and claim that you have won a the chance to win a free Mini Fridge Full Of Guinness to celebrate Fathers Day and asking you to click on a hyperlink? Are you interested in knowing whether it’s a scam? You’re in the right spot. Check out this review to learn more information about Guinness Mini Fridge Scam.

Guinness Mini Fridge Scam

Guinness Mini Fridge Scam are fake posts that circulate on Whatsapp and purporting to originate from Guinness and claiming that you’ve won a Free Mini Fridge Filled with Guinness to gift Dad on Father’s Day along with the link to a fraudulent website. Scammers have created fake websites,, posing as an innocent URL shortener and are tricking people into traps. They lure people by offering a test and the promise of an amazing prize but the trick is to lure you into signing up to a paid subscription without your permission.

Guinness Mini Fridge Scam Format

The scam begins when users receiving emails, often from strangers or friends, asking them to join the contest. The messages contain a hyperlink like, which directs users to a fake website. If you click on the link, you’re taken to a webpage at which provides a captivating description of the contest, which includes details about the prize as well as the small quantity of mini fridges left.

The contest, which has been shattered by Guinness, is displayed with the caption “Uncover the secret prize of Guinness Father’s Day giveaway’ in front of a picture of a refrigerator. Anyone who clicks the link is required to answer a questionnaire and then select from a variety of boxes in order to find the “golden ticket”. After that, they are informed they’ve won and asked to forward the link to twenty friends as well as five WhatsApp groups to take home the prize.

A spokesperson for Guinness has disproved this claim with the warning that it’s not an official statement from Guinness.

How can you avoid being scammed?

If you receive such messages or calls. Make sure it’s an official company email address and not from @gmail or @yahoo.If it’s a number, note the phone number and call what company it is representing for permission to simply end the call without speaking to the caller. Do not click on any links in the email, and don’t answer to it either. Look up online reviews about the company to verify the legitimacy of the company. If the business is linked to PayPal check out the procedure for reporting here. Be sure to not divulge personal information such as credit card numbers as well as social security numbers and personal identification numbers. You may also download spam call blocking software for your phone.


To ensure that you are on the safe side, don’t follow the fake website as well as click on any hyperlink because they are fraudsters trying to steal your financial and personal information. ALCHURIS COM

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