How much oil to consume & how to sharpen memory?


There is a question that looms over every person who wants to follow a diet. The question is: how much oil should one consume in order to not gain weight? Radhika is a person of 27 years of age. She lives in Jaipur. For the past few months, she has been trying to reduce weight. To achieve this goal, she has been trying on new diet plans for days at a stretch.

But she cannot decide what is best for her. Her only aim is to avoid foods the consumption of which would result in her gaining weight. In one such diet plan which she is currently following, she does not have any intake of cooking oil. This means that she does not consume any products where oil has been used in the preparation. Due to following these diet plans, she experiences weakness and fatigue all the time.

Now what Radhika is doing is a very common mistake that people tend to make. Most people avoid oil to reduce weight. But is this right? Now the question comes: is oil healthy for the body? If so, which oil is healthy and required by the body to consume?

These questions were asked to Dr. Rekha Gupta who is a dietician and nutritionist. She said that fat or oil is very much required by our body. They must be taken in the right proportions. Fat gives natural energy to the body. One gram of fat gives energy of 9 calories to the body. It helps maintain our body temperature.

It also helps in the making of certain hormones. Vitamin A, D, E are present in fat too. This fat helps in the absorption of these vitamins. If not, then there is a deficiency created. If the right amount of fat is present in the body, the protein present can do its work accordingly.

Fat is of 2 types: saturated & unsaturated. Saturated fat is obtained from animals like dairy products and also from plants like palm oil, coconut oil, etc. There are trans-fats to obtained from bakery products. Trans-fats obtained from products like dalda and margarine are harmful. It causes a rise in LDL which results in heart problems.

Olive oil should be used. But its boiling point is low. So, it cannot be used for heavy cooking. If that is done, it breaks resulting in the loss of its nutrients. It can be used in salads or tossing vegetables. Mustard oil has Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is not completely refined. So, we get all its benefits.

There are other very refined oils that are good for the body like soyabean oil and sunflower oil. But all their nutrients are lost in the refining process. Therefore, they should be filtered and not refined. Peanut oil is also very useful.

In the whole day, the amount of oil should not exceed more than 5 spoons, that is, 25 ml. Using this much oil will not harm anyone. We should also rotate the oils month to month. We can also use various oils for various purposes.

If one’s knees collide during walking, it is called knock-knees. Dr. Nandan Mishra, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Surbhi Hospital &Neo Hospital Nida explains this. This can happen in one knee or both knees. If it happens in both the knees, this means that it could occur from childbirth or it could happen because of lack of calcium and vitamin D.

 If it happens in one knee only, the cause of it can be an infection, or tumor, or any old scar. Treatment of knock-knees should be done based on age. If the age is above 8 years and the stiffness is more, surgery is needed.

Dietician Pooja Makhija posted a video on Instagram saying what is good for improving memory and what is not. Omega 3 is important as it increases anti-inflammatory substances in the brain. Cold drinks, junk food, instant noodles, and alcohol are harmful to the cause of improving memory.

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