How to Download Facebook Videos and Stories for Free


Facebook is a popular social networking website that connects a wide range of audiences across the globe. Among some top features introduced by Facebook, the significantly shared content among users is videos and stories. The social website contains a lot of visual content in the form of reels, long videos, and live streaming. To increase the user experience, the social website has introduced Facebook stories for its audience, which claims to be one of the most popular services.

Facebook users frequently love sharing captivating stories and compelling reels with their friends and family. Instead of sharing a video link to your closed one, these snippets in the downloaded version capture the viewer’s attention more effectively.

However, the problem lies when there is unfamiliarity with downloading these compelling visuals. But there are hassle-free methods to download these stories and videos for free, so you can enjoy sharing these shorts with your loved ones without any inconvenience.

This article will unveil the secret to different ways to download Facebook stories and videos for free. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

  • Use a Facebook Video Downloader:

Facebook downloader offers an easy process to download your favorite stories and reels within minutes. With a user-friendly interface, The Facebook story download tool can download stories and videos with just one click ahead. In fact, it is the most efficient choice for saving Facebook videos with an unlimited number. Whether you find relevant marketing content to share with your colleagues or entertaining content on social platforms, the downloader offers you an online facility to download the visuals in HD quality.

 Best of all, the process is really simple, following a basic procedure. First, right-click the story or video you want to save for later and copy the URL link. Now open an FB story downloader in a new tab and paste that URL link into the URL field. Simply hit the download video button to download the video. The most promising part of using a Facebook video downloader is that it supports HD-quality videos and downloads the original file without disrupting the video quality, letting you enjoy your favorite reels without any limitations. 

  • Use a Browser Extension:

Different browser extensions easily download videos from Facebook. The extensions are easily available on the online Web Stores. You can download any of those extensions from those web stores to download a specific video from Facebook. You can follow the instructions given there to download the extension easily. Once it is installed, activate the extension on your browser. It will add a download button to the video. Now, open the Facebook webpage containing the video you need to download and click that download button provided by the extension to start the process of downloading the video.

  • Use an M-Basic Technique

A technical m-basic technique allows you to download Facebook videos without any nuisance. Many people have successfully used this method to download videos and Facebook stories and get successful results. To download your favorite FB video, open that specific video. Now click the three dots present in the upper right corner of the video and copy the video link. In another tab, paste the copied Facebook video URL into the address bar. After you paste the video URL into the URL bar, replace the “www” present in the URL with “mbasic” and press enter. Right after pressing the enter button, you can see the mobile view of the video. Now click on the video to play it, and it automatically opens into a new tab. When you right-click that newly opened video, you can easily see the “Download” option. From there, you can download that video. The best part is you can follow the same procedure for a Facebook story and enjoy dynamic visual content.


Facebook is a popular site that offers you many videos on diverse topics. There are a number of methods available to download videos and Facebook stories. But it’s crucial to adopt the suitable approaches that actually work for you. The methods that are mentioned above are the best techniques that allow you to download your favorite reels and stories without limits. Most of all, unlike those processes that usually download a Facebook video for you after you spend for it, these are the most reliable procedures that will download those snippets for free. But it’s essential to follow the steps properly to achieve a successful download so you can easily watch these videos offline.

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