Is fat loss and weight loss from the body the same?


Most people get confused between the term fat loss and weight loss. According to many people, these two terms mean the same. They think that both fat loss and weight loss mean getting thin in the body and being able to fit into old jeans. This is not wrong altogether. But if seen technically, there is a huge difference between the two.

The meaning of fat loss v/s weight loss

So what is weight loss? It refers to an overall drop in weight or kilos, which includes muscles, water, and fat. On the other hand, fat loss refers to the burning of fat from the body. It helps people reach their desired goal. Both fat loss and weight loss help a person drop a few kilos and fit into old clothes easily. But medically speaking, fat loss is much better than weight loss. It helps people a lot in the long run.

Ways to tell if a person is losing fat or weight from the body

There are various ways to determine if one is losing kilos or not. A weighing machine is the best way to track progress when one is trying to shed a few kilos. It is the easiest way to keep a tab on the weight he or she has lost in the entire period. But it is quite impossible for the weighing machine to say if one is losing weight or fat. To do that, people need to opt for other methods to measure their weight like the body fat scale or bioelectrical impedance scales or calipers. These devices can accurately measure and tell one the exact amount of fat he or she has shed from the body.

The reason why should people focus on fat loss

The human body is made of different components like fat, lean body fat, and fat-free mass including muscle, bone, water, organs, and others. All these different things should be present in the body in equal proportions. As soon as the fat proportion in the body becomes more than the others, it’s time to worry. Fat may lead to diseases like blood pressure, obesity, heart diseases, and high cholesterol. The percentage of fat on the body varies from person to person. It depends on gender, activity levels, and age too. People must always maintain a healthy body fat percentage. This can make one look more toned and also reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.

Different ways of losing fat from the body

Fat loss is beneficial for overall health. If compared to weight loss, it is more time-consuming. But the catch is that, like body weight, one does not gain them back in a few weeks. All the crash diets and tricks on the internet and TV which promise quicker results only help one reduce weight and not fat. There are three effective ways to reduce fat. They are eating more protein, not falling for diets that cuts away all the calories and performing strength training exercises.

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