Is a fake site? Review of May 2022

The government has closed most of the offline shops because of the previous lockdown. Although they are opening again, people are starting businesses online like the website. But most of these online websites are fake nowadays.

These online websites open up to loot people of their hard-earned money. They portray various attractive products at attractive prices. They even give huge discounts. This attracts people.

They rush to these websites to buy the shown products. However, they forget the most important thing. They forget to do proper research on the websites. This is how the websites trap customers. So here is a flatcart review for you.

What is the website?

The website is an e-commerce electrical website. It sells bicycles, air coolers, BlueTooth speakers, mobiles, and chairs. They are selling these at heavily discounted prices.

Seeing such low prices, people get attracted to the products. They rush to shop from here without knowing the fact that it is a fake website.

Is this website fake?

Yes, it is a fake website. It also scams people by looting their money. This website has the option of online payment. So, in order to buy the products, the customers have to pay the money beforehand.

This is how the website scams people. As soon as they pay the money, the website removes all traces of the order placed by the customer. When the customer himself understands this, it is too late. Then they go to customer care to complain.

Points to prove that is a scam

  • There are limited products on this website. This is the first thing to be suspicious about.
  • Then comes the pictures of the products. They are simply copied and pasted from other websites.
  • After that, the heavily discounted prices are very suspicious. No one can give such huge discounts and be able to keep any profit for themselves.
  • They have no social media handles.
  • This website does not have a single review of the products on its pages.
  • There is a fake flatcart customer care number which one can dial and complain about their products if any. Similarly, there is no email id provided for the customers to mail to.
  • The privacy policy and refund policy are plagiarized. This means that this website copied the contents from other websites.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is flatcart a scam?

This website is a scam. Please avoid this website.

Is this website fake?

We are sure that this website is fake. Do not buy anything from here.

Is the website legit?

This website is not legit. It is because it has no legal status.

Is it safe?

We are sure that this website is not safe. We request you to read the above article carefully.

One can find out more about scam websites here.

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