Is Kalyani Silk the next scam website?


Nowadays, there are a lot of scam websites coming up. Most of them are related to fashion or jobs. This is because fashion and jobs are the two things which attract people the most. Kalyani Silk is one such fashion website.

There are a lot of offers on websites related to jobs and fashion. In fashion, there are discounts of various percentages on various products. In the case of jobs, they lure people out by showing that they will charge low consultancy charges.
One of such fake fashion websites is Kalyani Silk. Its major selling products are silk yarn. It originated in Madhya Pradesh, India. The business address of this website is Madhya Pradesh, Manasa, India.

Kalyani Silk real or fraud?

Kalyani Silk is a fraud website. They show very attractive pictures of Paithani sarees. However, when the time of delivery comes, they supply low quality and low-priced cheap sarees.

What happens after customers file complaints about this site?

When the customers face this problem, they try to write their complaints in the review box. But the website does not allow it. They do not upload these negative reviews in fear that the other potential shoppers will see them and not buy things from their website.

People who have been cheated by this website have found out something else too. They have discovered that the mobile number given on the website is machine-operated. Even, the email id which is mentioned is fake. Writhing to that email address is useless. They never reply to the emails written to them.

Website review example

Given below is a Kalyani Silk review by one of the customers. It says, “I ordered a saree which looked beautiful in the poster and received a saree of rupees 300 to 400 approximately. When I started calling them, they switched off the phone. They did not reply to my WhatsApp messages. After that, I called customer care. But what they said was even more shocking. They said that the number I have dialed is not existing.

When I mailed them my problem, they did not reply to it. Instead, they sent me a message saying that they were sorry for the inconvenience and their team will call me within one hour. This happened at 11:06 am in the morning. Since then, I did not get a single call. But since the morning, I got 5 to 6 messages only.”

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Kalyani Silk.

Is Kalyani Silk fake?

Yes, according to the reviews posted online about the website, it is fake.

Is it proven that Kalyani Silk is fake?

Yes. There have been found many reviews about this site in the customer complaints department. Most of them are negative. So it can be said that it is fake.

Is Kalyani Silk a fraud company?

According to the reviews of this website posted online, it can be said that Kalyani Silk is a fraud company.

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