Mughals glorified in Indian history even after their atrocities


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The author Ratan Sharda highlighted something. It was how the government of India’s cultural website ‘Know India’ ( displays an outrageous and obscene affinity for the Mughal invaders. They did this even after the invaders desecrated, destroyed hundreds of Hindi temples, and inflicted innumerable atrocities on the native Hindus of the land. The authorities dedicated an entire page of the ‘Medieval India’ segment to the Mughals who were rulers. In it, the opening paragraph described the Mughal rule in India as the “greatest empire ever”. There were reports with complete details. Authorities published them on 23rd August 2021. The reports highlighted the blatant glorification of external invaders. They also mentioned the complete whitewashing of their atrocities on the Hindus of India.

The ministry of culture was very much embarrassed on social media. After this, in the afternoon they clarified that it was not them who ran the website. The ministry further clarified that they are working with concerned entities to ‘accurately portray’ the events. They tweeted, “It has been brought to the Ministry’s notice about content in Know India website ( that represents Indian history. The Ministry of Culture does not run this website and is working with the concerned entities to accurately portray the events.”

One must take note here that there was an outrage that the social media users created. It was about the incompetency of the concerned government staffers. This incompetency was regarding information about India’s history on a government website. It was because of this reason that the website has now changed some of the texts regarding the Mughal empire. There was an entire section that praised the Mughals to the heavens. It also glorified them as the “greatest ever”. They removed this entire section later.

The current page now displays a brief summary of all the Mughal rulers chronologically. There were also earlier paragraphs that sang the glory of Jehangir as a tolerant ruler who loved Hindus, Jews, and Christians. The ministry removed this paragraph. There were false and factually incorrect details of the brutal murder of Sikh Guru Arjan Dev. They removed those details too. Subsequently, the ministry also removed the lines which falsely glorified them as rulers of most of India.

On the entire page, there is still not present a single mention of the brutal atrocities that the Mughals inflicted. They inflicted these atrocities on the cultural, religious, and archaeological wealth of India. There is not a single mention of the events where they destroyed 100s of Hindu temples. They even broke down the holiest of the Hindu shrines and converted them to mosques. Also, there is no mention of how the Islamic invaders looted and plundered Hindu temples. The entire page glorifying Aurangzeb is reduced to a brief 2 to 3 sentences. But there is still no mention of how this tyrant destroyed Hindu temples and killed Hindus and Sikhs alike. It is because of these reasons that the netizens are confused about whether Mughals should be glorified or not.

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