Muslim Women and Mosque: Taboo?

Rajasree Roy

Muslim women are allowed to go Mosque and pray. Yes. You read it right. In the previous year, 2020, Supreme Court said that. The statement said, “A Muslim woman is free to enter Masjid for prayers. It is her option to exercise her right to avail such facilities as available for prayers in Masjid.”

The Law Board’s affidavit was in response to a petition filed by a Muslim couple from Pune. They sought legal rights for Muslim women to pray in mosques. A nine-judge Supreme Court bench began the hearing this matter in the first week of February 2020. This was along with other cases pitting religious freedom against fundamental rights.

This case includes the right of Parsi women in interfaith marriages to enter fire temple, the right of Hindu women to enter Kerala’s Sabarimala temple, and stop the practice of female genital mutilation among Dawoodi Bohras. In the end, Supreme Court gave the permission.

The Pune couple pointed out there is no gender discrimination while offering worship in Mecca, the holiest city for Muslims. The petitioners have therefore pleaded that all mosques be opened for Muslim women.

But still, now women don’t go to Mosque to pray. There are several reasons, taboos, and myths there. 

In short explanation, there are men. Muslim men who visit the masjid aren’t pious and can create mischief due to women’s presence. Whenever a woman prays in a place that is more private and more hidden, that is better for her, as the Sunnah Prophet said.

In the Indian subcontinent, however, a trend started to have mosques only for men because there wasn’t enough space in mosques. Most mosques today have to keep adding floors to accommodate a growing number of worshippers.

There are some women who tried to do this act. people harassed them in that mosque and also their daily life.

Some Masques allow women to go in there. But there are some conditions like they have to wear hijab, they can’t wear perfume. She should have permission from her husband. 

Our country is trying to even the gender roles in prayers but some family holds them back. Still, there are some people who are insecure to let them go to Masque. We hope Muslim women break this taboo, one day. 

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