Website Review: Is myservicegovern1 Real or scam?


Are you here to find out whether is a fruad or a trustworthy company? This website myservicegovern1 100% scam, they are looting people in the name of Govt. of India.

What is the website?

myservicegovern1 is an online site that retails in category with ,and other collections. This website was registered on 2022-03-14 (just 3 days old), according to whois record. They hidden their information in

While you are browsing few inappropriate site on like () suddenly you will find out a pop up which is a see screenshort only where written is: “You browser has been blocked due to repeated visits to pronographic sites containing materials prohibited by the laws of the India.”

You must pay a fine of Indian rupee 29000 by credit card as prescribed by Decree No. 179-374- of 17.03.2022

This website is hosted on Chang Way Technologies Co. Limited which is hong kong base company.

Address of Chang Way Technologies Co. Limited is:

7/F, MW Tower, 111 Bonham Strand

HK Hong Kong


phone:   +357 2 2008059

The nameserver, they are using for is

Fake and Scam website

They are using sitecon of Indian flag and using a screenshort (which is provided above) where visitors only input their credit details to make a  payment of Rs.29000

Major Points about myservicegovern1 website:

·  Website name: myservicegovern1

·  Emil: no email found

·  Contact address: nothing found

·  Contact number: not given

Negative highlights of myservicegovern1 website:

·  This website has a very low trust score which expands the trust concern.

·  The portal has negative reviews on other sites.

·  Website domain is very new, which create trust issues.

Points to prove that the myservicegovern1 website is a scam

·  Website Age: 2022-03-14 (just 3 days old)

·  Trust Score of Website: 0

Frequently asked questions about

Is myservicegovern1 website scam?

Ans. This is 100% scam website.

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  1. Many thanks for this post. My cousin from Kolkata (Calcutta) just called me as he was so scared. I forwarded him the link of this page to assure him that nothing has happened.


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