“Neeraj Chopra’s victory linked to battle of Panipath” – Suresh Chavhanke


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Neeraj Chopra, the javelin thrower has recently won gold in the Olympics held in Tokyo,2021. He was congratulated on his success by the countrymen who were very proud of him.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi was happy for him and gave him a pat on the back for his glorious victory. On social media, he was addressed as “Rana’s descendent” and praised.

Now the editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News who is a staunch supporter of the right-wing and RSS has somehow connected Neeraraj’s victory to the battle of Panipat. The video of his speech has gone viral on social media. The video clip contains exactly what Suresh Chavhanke has said about the Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra.

He said in his program on Sudarshan TV, “Neeraj Chopra’s family used to throw the javelin for decades. You will not be surprised, I will tell you for your information. This Neeraj Chopra is actually Neeraj Chopra of Maharashtra.” Even after his speech, he did not stop.

He related Neeraj to the battle of Panipat by saying that the war was fought against Abdali 260 years ago. They used spears in that war because Maharana also used a spear in the battle to kill his enemies. In the battle, the spear was a great weapon. During that time, there was a team of javelin throwers. The ancestors of Neeraj Chopra were in that party.

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