New feature about WhatsApp audio message


WhatsApp is constantly updating itself to provide the best user experience. The latest is about audio messages. Out of these updates, some might irk one but some could be of use. Like for example, a proposed update says that if a person reacts to one’s messages, they will get a notification for it.

It might disturb their peace of mind at times but this new under-development update gives control over the audio messages. The update says that that the user can customize the speed of audio messages if necessary.

This will work similarly to the way voice notes can speed up to 1.5x or 2x. This usually happens while people play them back. An audio message is essentially a forwarded voice note or any other audio. It is a message that the sender did not record while sending it. While the experts tested the feature on iOS devices, people speculate that Android devices may get the feature soon.

This can be a good tool for those who are busy in their 9to5 jobs or in life. Do not want to hear the full message at the current speed, move it faster. The simplest example could be fast-forwarding a song in between playing a movie.

The new update will come out for both Android and iOS users. “WhatsApp is working on introducing a playback speed button for forwarded voice notes. The feature has been spotted in a recent beta version of WhatsApp beta for iOS, but it’s currently under development, and it’s surely coming on the next versions of WhatsApp beta for Android as well,” finds out WABetaInfo.

WhatsApp is also rolling out updates to fix the media shortcut option in the instant messaging app. Some users noticed the bug when they found that media shortcut was not available to them. Now the Facebook-owned messaging app is fixing this bug with the new update. 

The features tracker did not provide any information on when this feature will roll out to users of the stable version. It is because it is still in beta testing. WABetaInfo mentions that users will get to increase the playback speed of any audio up to 2x. This is similar to the playback speed feature available for voice notes.

As mentioned earlier, an audio message is essentially a forwarded voice note or any other audio that the sender did not record while sending it.

A quick edit shortcut is already available when you open the image, video, GIF but WhatsApp has introduced a new side shortcut when opening multiple media one week ago. “Some users have noticed the new quick edit shortcut, wondering what it was for because the shortcut didn’t work and we don’t honestly know why it was there,” said WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo.

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