Panther Lending Reviews: Truth About Debit Loans and Fraud Exposed

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Panther Lending is a lending firm that provides personal loans, title loans, as well as debt consolidation. They have a very limited online presence, and none of their physical locations, therefore it is challenging to get reviews on their offerings. However, we’ve covered every aspect in our panther lending review blog article.

In the realm of finance In the world of finance, there are numerous lending firms which claim to offer the most excellent services, however only a only a few make a mark out from the rest. Panther Lending is one such company that has always been recognized as a shining example for excellence in the world of finance. This article will examine the main reasons behind why Panther Lending continues to be an top option for both individuals and companies looking for secure and effective loan solutions.

What is Panther Lending

Panther Lending is a company located within Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, which provides debt consolidation loans as a solution for helping people to manage their debt and repay credit card debts with high interest rates.

A debt consolidation method in which multiple high-interest loans such as debts from credit cards are merged into a single loan at an interest rate that is lower making it more manageable and thereby helping the borrower save money in the long run.


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  • They provide a variety of loans such as personal loans, title loans as well as debt consolidation.
  • They might give you a loan having bad credit.
  • They provide a fast turnaround time, which means you can receive your cash in a short time.
  • They may be able provide you with a loan at an interest rate that is lower than traditional banks.
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  • They are charged the highest interest rates and fees.
  • The terms and conditions of their contracts can be confusing and difficult to comprehend.
  • They have been accused of pursuing aggressive and deceitful marketing practices.
  • They have a mediocre BBB rating.
  • The company is new that has no history.

Panther Lending Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Negative Reviews

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The rates for interest and charges charged by Panther Lending are very high. In the end, I paid more interest than the amount I took out. – Michael Brown

Terms and Conditions of the loan I took unclear. I was unable to comprehend the contract up until I was a bit late. – Sarah Green

I had a difficult time contacting the customer service department with Panther Lending. I was waiting for hours on hold and I didn’t get an answer. – David Williams

Positve Reviews

We have not come across any.

How Does It Work?

Panther Lending’s procedure involves several steps:

Application: Applicants must provide basic financial and personal details on the application process. They insist that this process does not affect the applicant’s credit score.

Consultation: Within one hour of submitting an application, applicants will be linked to a financial advisor. The consultant will discuss the applicant’s situation, responds to questions, and provides the most suitable consolidation loan options.

The choice and the payment After looking over the different alternatives, the borrower chooses the one that meets their requirements. The loan they select will be a single fixed rate payment that can be as much as 50% lower than their current payment, based on factors such as total household income and debt.

The company claims that their service won’t negatively affect a person’s credit score. They also offer the savings calculator that can estimate the potential savings from consolidating debt.

Unmatched Expertise and Experience

Panther Lending brings to the market an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise in the area of finance. The team of the company is made up of seasoned professionals who have devoted their lives to learning and gaining a deeper understanding of the financial markets. Their combined experience and knowledge allow them to offer an insightful and personalized solutions to clients, while ensuring that every client’s individual financial requirements are satisfied.

Comprehensive Range of Services

One of the main advantages that is a major strength of Panther Lending is its comprehensive assortment of products. The firm offers many loans, including personal loans, auto loans, business loans and mortgages. This variety in service offers ensures that customers can depend on Panther Lending for all their financial needs which makes the firm an all-in-one source for all financial needs.

Exceptional Customer Service

The core of the Panther Lending’s business is an effort to provide outstanding customer service. The company is proud of its individual strategy for service delivery, treating each customer as an individual, not just an unimportant number. From the moment you make communication through Panther Lending, you can expect to be treated with most respect and professionality. The team working at Panther Lending go above and over to make sure that the clients are satisfied and their issues are quickly and efficiently addressed.

Red Flags

The company is brand new. Panther Lending was only registered in 2023. That means they do not have a history and it is impossible to predict how they’ll manage your loan.

There aren’t any reviews left by customers. Panther Lending has no reviews on any of the most popular platforms, including Yelp, Trustpilot, or Google. It is an alarm as it indicates that there is no way of knowing the experiences of other customers with the business.

The company does not have a Facebook page. Panther Lending does not have any Facebook pages. This is a warning sign that the business isn’t open about its business practices.

Fees and rates of interest that are excessive. If the rate of interest on the loan is significantly greater than what you think of for similar loans this is undoubtedly a red flag. Be wary of lenders that charge large fees, including processing fees, origination charges or late payment fees.

Uncomprehensive or unclear the terms of the contract. If you don’t know the conditions and terms of a loan, that’s an indicator of fraud. You must be able to understand these terms attentively and know what you’re signing to.

Aggressive or deceptive marketing practices. If a lender uses fraudulent or deceitful marketing techniques to convince you to sign up for loans, it’s an indication of red flags. For instance If a bank will call you at all times of the night or daytime or offering promises that seem like they’re too good to be true It is best to stay away.

The customer service is hard to reach. If you are having a problem with your loan and are unable to contact customer service, this is an indication of fraud. A reputable lender should have customer service that is simple to reach and flexible to address your issues.

Is Panther Lending Legit

Panther Lending is a new company which was officially registered in 2023. They provide personal loans, title loans as well as debt consolidation. They have a small online presence, and there are no physical locations, which means it’s difficult to locate reviews of their offerings. However most reviews posted are mostly negative.

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