website review: is it real or fake?


This is the season of lockdown. A lot of businesses are going out of existence. In these crucial times, people are losing jobs at an alarming rate. So, they are suffering from hunger and depression. In order to overcome these troubles, many of these unemployed people are opening up online websites like the website.

What is the website?

Perigold is a large home decor company operating the e-commerce site It sells its products and services in the home decor industry. This is a less active brand when it comes to discounting and offering coupons. The website has a mix of reviews among shoppers on Knoji, with 51 ratings and an average rating of 2.8 stars. Perigold scores below average compared to other brands in the home decor industry, providing 1 e-commerce feature to better serve its customers. But on scamadviser, it has a high trust score. So, it might be safe to use. One has to read the entire review.

Positive highlights about this website

  • The domain registration bureau of this domain is well-known
  • The owner of the site has claimed the domain name for a long time
  • This website has existed for quite some years
  • This website is receiving a lot of traffic according to Alexa
  • Many websites are linking to this site
  • According to Xolphin SSL Check, the SSL certificate is valid
  • We detected advanced software
  • This site seems to sell products online
  • This website offers payment methods that allow you to get your money back
  • This website is trusted by Trend Micro

Negative highlights about this website

  • The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
  • Several, mainly negative reviews were found for this site

Specifications about the website

  • The owner of the website is hiding his identity. Spammers use this information to promote services to website owners. Some website owners, therefore, chose to hide their contact details. However, it can also be misused by scammers. Our algorithm gives a high rating if the identity of the website owner is shown.
  • The owner of this website has registered this domain name for a period longer than one year. This means he plans to continue his website for the foreseeable future. We increased the Trust Score of as a result as most scammers never renew their domain name once the scam is public knowledge.
  • We discovered that the domain of this website has been registered several years ago. Websites of scammers are usually very new. Still, you have to be careful. Scammers nowadays also buy old and existing websites to start their malpractice. Checking a website for other scam signals remains essential.
  • We discovered that the website is rated as popular by Alexa. This means that the website is visited by quite a lot of people. In addition, other websites find this website interesting and relevant and are linking to it. As a result, we increased our review score.
  • This website has many other websites linking to it. This means the website is considered an “authority”. You do not get many links from other websites easily. Other websites have to have “authority” as well. Having many links from websites that are unknown and have no traffic, does not help a site to build authority.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is the website fake?

We are not sure if it is a fake website.

Is this website a scam?

Read the above article carefully and decide for yourself if it is a scam.

Is the website legit?

The positive highlights of the website prove the fact that this website is legit.

Is this website safe?

We are not certain if this website is safe.

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