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Lockdown. This is the most dreaded word nowadays. This is because this lockdown has snatched away a lot of jobs from various people. People have become jobless. They have no means to earn money. So they have become desperate. They are resorting to any means to earn money. They are becoming prone to stealing and scamming people. In order to do this, many of them are opening up new websites. These websites are fraud. One of them is website.

What is the website? website is a fake website. It is a fashion website. It sells men’s fashion products. This website is offering a lot of discounts on the clothes they are selling or rather portraying to sell. Therefore, people are getting attracted to this website. They are thinking that they will get good products at a minimal price.

Is this a scam website?

Yes, it is a scam website. This website attracts people with its lucrative price offers. When people order them, their money is taken away without any promise that they will receive the product. Therefore, it offers online payment only. This is how they scam people.

Negative highlights about this website

  • The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS
  • The Alexa rank (how much traffic) is rather low
  • We discovered mainly negative reviews for this site

Points to prove that the website is fake

  • The identity of the website owner is hidden. They might do it for a valid reason as spammers use this information to email website owners. Unfortunately, it also makes the identification of the owner difficult.
  • The domain name of this website has been registered several years ago. In general, the older the website the more trustworthy it becomes. However, scammers sometimes buy existing websites and start doing their evil thing just like this one.
  • The Alexa ranking of this website is low. This can be considered low in relation to other websites from the website’s country.
  • The website items are also fake. They are copied from other websites but the prices are changed.
  • The customer care number is also fake. So is the email. People can neither complain nor ask for refunds.

A complaint to prove that the website is a scam

This is a scam company. Earlier they were selling under a name of Anick. but now they closed that site and are using a new site with the same old content. They have scammed 1000s of ppl so far. Please watch out. I recently bought a hoodie for 549 rs but I never got the delivery. so when I checked them online I saw 100s of negative reviews on trustpilot. That site is not working anymore and now they have relaunched the same products and the same style using a new site.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is the website fake?

Yes. It is a completely fake website. People should be made aware of that.

Is this website legit?

No, this website is not legit at all.

Is the website safe?

No. It is not safe at all. People should not trust this website or buy anything from here as their money will just get wasted.

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