website review of May 2022

Today, we will discuss a site named We will try to determine whether it is real or fake. People have a lot of questions about the sakshifashion site.

Questions like what is the sakshifashion site? Is the sakshifashion site is legit or not? Is this site real or fake? How does sakshifashion shopping site work? and many more others arise all the time. So here is a sakshifashion review.

What is the website? is a shopping site. It is an online website that offers costly kitchen items, shoes, toys, cycles, bluetooth, kidswear and dry fruits.

They also sell mangoes. But there are doubts about whether it is real or not. The thing is that it offers these items at a very low price or cheap prices.

Positive aspects of this website

  1. It sells a variety of products.
  2. It claims to sell the best quality mangoes.
  3. This website sells things at a very low price.

Negative aspects of this website

  1. Missing complete company owner information marks the unsafeness of the website.
  2. Lack of licensing or certifications.
  3. Another big reason is that the website has zero transparency.
  4. Customer care service is not so good.
  5. No social media handles.

Points to prove whether website is real or fake

  • The page which opens when a person orders a product is not real. It is a demo of the pages available on the internet. These demo pages are generally used by scammers.
  • There is only an online option for payment. This is so that there is no trace of the money that the people or customers pay. The money is paid but they do not receive the products.
  • There are no reviews of the products shown on the website. No one has written about the products. This is very suspicious.
  • They are offering high-priced products at a very low price. These low prices are unreasonable. No one can afford to make a profit after selling products at such a low price.
  • The return or refund policy is copied from other websites. That is fake too.

Frequently asked questions about this website

Is sakshifashion a scam?

This website is a scam. Please avoid this website.

Is this website fake?

We are sure that this website is fake. Do not buy anything from here.

Is the website legit?

This website is not legit. It is because it has no legal status.

Is it safe?

We are sure that this website is not safe. We request you to read the above article carefully.

One can find out more about scam websites here.

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