website review: is it real or fake?


This is the year 2022. It is the year of lockdown. People are losing their jobs at an alarming rate. Many people are trying to get a steady income through various means. Some among them are opening up websites like the website.

Most of these new websites are related to fashion. But many of them are also selling various types of equipment related to health. This is because, in this lockdown, people are not going to work outside. It is mostly working from home (WFH). And those who are not doing any jobs are sitting idle at home. This is leading to various problems in health.

The major issue among these is getting fat and an increase in weight. On top of this, there are curfews too like not opening gyms and salons and movie halls. So people are not able to go to the gym to work out. Due to this, they are trying to work out at their homes themselves.

For this, they need gym pieces of equipment. So their only option is to go online searching for the products to be delivered at home. This is where the websites come into action. They portray products at minimal prices. This attracts the customers. It increases the traffic of their website.

What is the website?

The website is a fake website. It sells a lot of things like kids’ cycles, electronics, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, kids’ fashion, bags, and jewelry.

How does this website scam people?

This website portrays products at amazing prices and discounts. This attracts a lot of people. They think that they are going to get the products at great prices and are also going to save a lot of money. They are so star-struck by the deals that the thought of checking the website up on the internet does not even occur to them.

The website takes this advantage and binds the customers in shackles of lies and deceit. They fraud the people. They fool them with the vastly unreal prices. This website does not have a cash-on-delivery (COD) option. So, people buying the products have to pay the money online.

As soon as the money is received at the other end, the website removes all traces of the order. There is no means to track the order that the customers placed. Thus the customers end up losing all their money. It is then that they go to the customer complaints department to lodge a complaint. But, by then, it is too late.

Points to prove that the website is fake

  • First of all, the heavy discount rates should alert the customers. Noone sells products without keeping their share of the profit.
  • Secondly, it does not have a social media handle.
  • Thirdly, there is a customer care contact information on the website. But it is fake. So, if a person has any issues with the products that they received, they will not be able to call up the company.
  • The fourth point is that this website does not even have a page for complaints. So, customers unhappy with their products cannot even file a complaint.
  • The fifth point is that this website accepts only online payments. So, people have to pay the money before getting the products (which are never going to arrive).
  • And last but not the least, there is not a single review of the products on this website. This is very suspicious because it should have had a review.

Frequently asked questions about the website

Is this website a scam?

Yes, it is a scam.

Is the website fake?

Yes, this website is fake.

Is this website safe?

No, this website is not safe at all.

Is the website legit?

No, this website is not legit.

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