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In today’s world, where people are already facing a pandemic, they choose to shop their desired products online as they find them safe and secure as compared to offline shops or local vendors. While shopping online, people get rid of large queues and waiting lists on the offline store. With all these above-mentioned factors, the online shopping market is becoming trendy and very popular among the people like the website.

These days, an uncountable no. of online shopping websites are coming on the internet to provide all kinds of stuff including clothes, home & kitchen appliances, electronic goods, designer jewelry, Sport wears, games accessories and everything needful and required for the mankind.

What is the website? is a fake website. It sells bras, jackets, and skirts at a very low price. Seeing the slashed prices, people are attracted to them. In their excitement to buy products at reduced prices, they forget to check the reviews of the website on the internet. Here is a complete review of the website.

Points to prove that this website is fake

Payment gateway

All the genuine websites around the world give many payment options including COD, Credit/ debit cards, digital wallets, etc.

Those who have an intention to rob the money online won’t give you many options and ask the user to pay through credit card and PayPal only like this website.

Free dispatching

If any online store claims to dispatch the product free worldwide or at a very low cost, it is near to impossible and the website is not trustworthy.

Always keep away from such types of websites like the website.

Fake introduction

Before buying from the online store, please check the ‘about us’ page as many online scammers do not explain their information on the website properly.

A misleading ‘about us’ page is always used by fake websites. Do not forget to read the full ‘about us’ page ever, if the website is new and you are visiting there the first time.

Social advertisement

Most of the scam sites do not use social media platforms to gain popularity and advertise their products. Now a day’s social media is playing a vital role in advertising and selling products online.

Few scam sites like the website provides their social media icons on the webpage but those icons are not clickable and do not redirect to any social media platform.

Bulk Buying

The legit websites keep some restrictions on buyers and do not allow to buy more than 10 pieces of a single item. If any online store is giving unlimited buying options, that can be a trap just like this one.

Hiding the information

Whiling making deal with the website, if you find it doubtful, you can check their WHOIS info online. Usually, the scammers hide their information on WHOIS detail.

If you cannot get their details, leave the website and keep your hard-earned money safe.

Exchange and return policy

Genuine websites always mention their exchange and return policy on their official pages. Scam sites do not properly mention their policies regarding exchange and return.

Most of the buyers get a broken or different product from such types of stores like the website.

Contact details and customer support

The website does not provide any contact details (email, phone numbers, communication address). Many websites provide all the wrong contact details. Before making any payments, do not forget to make sure the emails and phone numbers are working otherwise you would not be able to call or contact anyone afterward.

Attractive and massive discount

People tend to fall on attractive discount offers and this is where the scammers take advantage. If any online store is giving enormous discount options, do not just opt for it and pay for it.

Please check the same product on a few other websites also and compare the prices.

If the price range has too many differences, leave the website, it must be a fake store. Mostly scam sites provide free coupon codes to the users like ‘buy one get more’ and ‘buy two and get two free’.

Generally, these fake coupon codes are the same on every product available in the store.

Fake product reviews

The website publishes all the fake product reviews and a 5-star rating on the reviews section. On fake websites, you can find the same reviews and comment on multiple products.

Product description

Those who have the intention to scam people online, won’t make much of an effort to add the real details for every product.

Usually, scammers provide similar information about all the available products like this website.

Fake images

Mostly scam sites use fake or copied models images to showcase their products. If you are not able to see the model’s faces while showing the product, that’s a scam for sure.

All the genuine websites show the full model images because they pay for them.

Domain registration

If the website which you are dealing with, is newly created, make sure to check the domain registration date like this one. All the scam sites are generally not so old and do not last long.

Frequently asked questions about the website

Is this website fake?

Yes, this website is fake.

Is the website a scam?

Yes, this is a scam.

According to our manual research, we found this website fake, we always do our best research on a website to find out whether the website real or fake, and is an online scam website.

Is the website legit?

No, this website is not legit.

Is this website safe?

No, this website is not safe.

13 thoughts on “ website review: is it a real or a scam website?”

  1. I’ve bought from this website and it was absolutely rubbish. I’ve bought the columbian bodysuit wear and it shapes your hips and it was supposed to have butt pads in them and when they arrived it looked absolutely nothing like the picture!! GUYS DO NOT BUY OF SERX.CO !!!!! Absolutely fake on the website they said that they do refund but now I want to return it and get my money back they said no?? Like this is absolutely ridiculous!! I am absolutely upset by this. Absolute scam of a website . Do not buy off of this website!!!!!

    • I am in the same boat as you!! I bought bras and it’s the cheapest shit I’ve seen and they did not fit!! And they cannot process my return because of a user error. I think I’ll dispute it with my bank. Super passed off!

  2. been seeing ads on TikTok lately for their push up bras, had a browse and must admit for a minute I was tempted by the reasonable price and shipping. Thankfully I thought it was too good to be true and did some more research on the website before committing to the purchase, and thankfully I found this website! Thank you!

  3. I bought a three pack bralette set and an outfit totaling over 89.99. The bras are NOTHING like what they claim they are, I can upload photos if need be. I am going on every social media site that they are on anything I can do to call out these people. It came from CHINA it took the bras two full months and my outfit has yet to ship in THREE MONTHS!! I am actually in process of contacting the BBB about this company nowhere does it say that these items come from a China store they are also absolutely cheap and the sizes are completely Off. Think it’s garbage I would have been better off going to The Dollar General for bras. I am a size medium/large in US sizes in tops my bra size is 36 D and 3X is extremely tight I have boob split they have I’ll proportioned padding like no bra is the same thing they are the cheapest POS bras I have ever seen I want my money back and I will get it one way or another. These people should be absolutely ashamed of themselves nobody wants their shit bras in their country so they pay a few influencers big bucks ti promote them say how great they are. We fall for it and are not out $100.00 and have crappy worse than a dollar general bras. I do not think anyone should give this scammy
    site your money bc you will not get what you paid for. If you get it at all!!! 100.00 down the drain.

  4. This company is not trustworthy. They misrepresent their sizes and products and then tell you there is no returns if you got the wrong size bc their sizing chart is way off or because you don’t want the product because it’s garbage. Don’t Easter your money

  5. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!! Products are shipped from China, so it takes longer than their “5-8” business days they promise. They don’t issue refunds because it is user error if you order a size that doesn’t fit you. Like mentioned before, thie size chart is not correct. TikTok needs to stop advertising this terrible company. Absolute garbage and I hope they go out of business. I tried to leave a review on their website but only 5 star reviews make it up there.

  6. Definitely do not buy from this site! There stuff is a pathetic copy of what the pictures say and they don’t do returns! I ordered the Dress and it was missing the pockets and the shorts as well as some trim details.

  7. Yep I ordered a 3 pack of their bras, just to see and do a Sam check myself for friends and my daughters.
    Website had some spelling and pronunciation errors.
    Took about a MONTH to get the package. Of course wrong sizes.
    Email them to exchange. Not return, exchange. I get told they have no return policy due to buyers remorse. 😂😂
    Their California address is a park in the middle of LA.
    As I told my friends, girls and all the other kids-avoid at all costs.

  8. I just got scammed as well. Bought the cute little romper dress with pockets and shorts that’s all over tik tok. Took over a month, came from China. It came as a cheap dress no pockets or shorts. Ordered a large and it fit like a XS. Busted hem. It’s garbage. They refuse to refund my money. Hopefully I can dispute charges with the bank.

  9. I ordered the bras. They came today. So small I can’t even get them on. Maybe made for tiny Chinese women where they come from. (I’m not big) Al’s they are so cheap I was afraid they would rip trying to get them on. They wouldn’t make it thru one day let alone the wash. I emailed and said I want to return for refund… wonder what the reply will be.

  10. Their return policy is bad!! I fell for it too and they said “we don’t take returns when it is customers fault that you ordered wrong size” I have contacted my bank for reversal of charges!


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