Speechelo review 2022: is it worth the money?

Just give it a thought. What happens if you have a nice video that needs a nice voiceover but have no means to speak properly? People are going to leave the video after a few seconds. They will not listen to what you have to say. This is because your voice is a key part of the video. Videos tell stories. And people love them! But what if you get nervous when you are doing a voiceover? Perhaps your English is not fluent. This can be very intimidating. Speechelo offers a solution to these types of video creators.

What is speechelo?

Speechelo is a text-to-speech software. It allows you to make a very smooth voiceover that is the most realistic of its type. Videos are a way to communicate with others. They have become very popular in recent years.

However, there are instances where you produce videos but don’t like your voice. It also might be the case that you don’t speak the language you would like to communicate with properly. In such desperate scenarios, Speechelo might be your friend. Given below is a detailed speechelo review.

Speechelo review 2022

Here is a Speechelo review 2022. It is the world’s first text-to-speech voiceover software. It brings your text to life with human voices that sound real. One can use it to create awesome voiceovers that sound like humans of the texts they give in their videos.

With this software, one can convert any text can be into a natural voiceover with ease. It is even possible to choose specific gender voices using this software. Speechelo is very easy to use. It is just like any other video-making software.

There are a lot of different human voice styles available in this software. These styles are all in 25 different languages. Therefore, it allows you to choose one that suits your need. You are just 3 clicks away from creating a high-quality human voiceover for your website, YouTube channel, or other social media accounts.

Speechelo the ultimate software

Is speechelo legit or a scam?

Speechelo is legit. It is certainly not a scam. It is a well-developed software that helps you create more content for marketing. This software has gained many positive reviews and testimonials. Speechelo is original and legitimate. The success stories are shreds of evidence that prove the above line.

However, some people call it a scam because they are not able to make money with it. They forget the fact that it is just a software to help convert text into voice. It’s not any kind of business model to help you make money directly.

Speechelo pricing

Now we will come to speechelo pricing. The standard version costs $47 (one-time payment). The Speechelo Pro costs only $47 every three months. The pro version can be upgraded only when you have already purchased Speechelo Standard. After purchasing the standard plan, they will give you an option to upgrade to the pro plan.

Speechelo Pro takes Speechelo to the next level, making it more powerful. The pro plan is ideal for people who are sincere and committed to growing their business.

Pros of this software

  • Audio tracks can be converted from the text in an impressive manner.
  • It’s easy to use even for beginners.
  • There is no limit to the amount of text you can convert.
  • The voices were of the best quality.
  • Over 30 human-sounding voices are available in this software.
  • In addition to adding breathing sounds after each phrase, you can also prolong pauses.
  • Many languages are supported.
  • With Speechelo, you can include voice inflections in the text-to-speech conversion, making this a very attractive option.

Cons of this software

There aren’t many flaws. It has only one downside. It is the fact that except for English, some other languages sound a bit robotic.

Speechelo pro

Speechelo pro offers exactly double the voices to choose from. Instead of the standard 30 voices, one will get 60 in total.

Speechelo offers you up to 700 characters of text to speech. But Speechelo Pro offers you up to 4x that length, which means it will work for longer videos as well. Longer videos give you more time to view and complete just about any video you could come up with.

The Pro version also comes with music backgrounds. Having soft music in the background while you are filming makes your videos more attractive than usual. The more attractive the video, the more amount of people are going to watch it. And the more that watch, the better.

But the best feature about the Pro edition of this software is that you get a commercial license. This means that you can resell voiceovers as a service. You can sell any voiceovers you do for others for a profit. This can be a nice service to offer to those freelancing sites. It also gives you a side income.

Speechelo Pro

Official site of this software

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