Taliban Bomb and Attack Defence Minister’s Kabul House

Rajasree Roy

A suicide bomb and gun attack in Kabul’s Green Zone targeted Afghanistan’s acting defence minister and killed eight individuals on Tuesday. It was claimed by the Taliban, as the hardliner Islamist bunch kept on heightening viciousness the nation over.

This suicide bombing, which targeted the house of Bismillah Mohammadi, was one of the most significant and unfavorable incidents in the Afghan capital in recent months. It came amid heavy conflict in the south and west of the country as the Taliban have sought to take three main cities.

The attack took place in the wealthy Sherpur neighborhood. It is located in the high-security Green Zone that houses several embassies, including the US mission. The Kabul attack took place in two parts. The first actual bomb exploded in the center of Kabul, sending a thick quill of smoke into the sky. Then it was followed by a second blast around two hours later, then by smaller explosions and rapid gunfire, near the Green Zone. There is a saying now that at least 18 people are shot in this mishap but still, 8 people statistics are confirmed. Other houses are also destroyed by this attack. Taliban were attacking in the outskirts of the cities and States. Now they are desperate to attack in main provinces.

As for this incident, the Taliban is responsible, they stated claiming responsibility, Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesperson said: “The attack is the beginning of the retaliatory operations against the circles and leaders of the Kabul administration who are ordering attacks and the bombing of different parts of the country.”

Women Deputy Speaker of Afghanistan, Fawzia Koofi is still trying to negotiate peace with the Taliban. All citizens of Kabul are chanting Allah on the rooftop of their house to get rid of this violence. The military asked people to leave the city on Tuesday.

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