Testerup Review: Earn Money Playing Games

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Testerup offers a website/app that allows users to test games and products in exchange for money. But is this too good for it to be true.

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Testerup, a website and mobile app, connects users to web developers and companies seeking feedback on apps, games, and other products. Testerup is a website and app that connects users with web developers and companies looking for customer feedback on games, apps, or products.

Other apps such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks offer similar rewards, but with lower payout levels.

Testerup Review: Determine if this app can help you make money in your spare-time or if it is something you should avoid.


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What is Testerup

Testerup was formerly called Testery. The website and mobile application were developed and owned by the German firm aestimium, and released in May 2022. Testerup connects testers and marketers who are looking for customer feedback to developers. Testerup pays members to take surveys, play games or provide feedback on materials.

Testerup currently has more than 3 million users registered and Trustpilot has given it 4.4 stars with 8100 reviews. The app was rated five stars by 64% of users, while another 20% gave it four stars. But it is important to know that the first task available on Testerup involves leaving a Trustpilot Review. While there is no monetary reward for completing a Trustpilot review, the task is marked as Premium, and may lead to more opportunities to earn money.

Testerup allows users to verify their progress by tracking all tasks.

If you want to be paid, it may require that you provide screenshots of the completed task. Testerup manually reviews the progress of each task. If you are rejected several times by the reviewer, your account may be blocked.

After your task has passed verification, your account will be credited with the payment. PayPal funds can only be redeemed once your account reaches a minimum of $70. Users are only allowed to withdraw up $250 (or local currency equivalent) in one transaction.

Testerup can withhold your payment if you don’t complete the biometric verification process.

Testerup Review

Members can earn money by playing games, taking surveys or testing products.

Before you can withdraw your funds, you need to have made a minimum purchase of $70.

Testerup only works in the United States and Canada.

Testerup will track your device and confirm that you have completed certain tasks.

There are many different tasks, each with its own requirements and length. They can pay up to $100 per task. Most offer less money and some may require in-app purchases.

Testerup – Is it Worth it?

Pros Cons

The apps can be downloaded for free and are easy to use.

You can easily request payouts through the app.

Members can earn cash by referring their friends. Then, they receive a share of what those friends make.

PayPal and your bank may take 48 hours to process a payout, or even longer.

Testerup must be allowed to track your device usage and the app you are using.

To get the best payout, you may need to make an in-app purchase.

Testerup rewards its members for their time spent playing games, answering surveys, or testing online products. Testerup, despite its drawbacks (like a high minimum payout and in-app purchase to get the largest payouts), is a good option for people who are looking to earn some extra cash by taking surveys or playing games.

Since its release, this app has been rated 4.1 out 5 stars in the Apple App Store by over 6,200 users and 3.7 out 5 stars in the Google Play Store by over 41,000 reviews.

How much money can I earn with Testerup

The real trick to making money on apps is not to spend weeks or days trying to get to the top of the game.

Testerup’s site states that new users can receive 50 test offers immediately, worth over $800. Official numbers aren’t available.

Our first login through the app only gave us 17 suggestions worth $760.20. Upon our first login, we received only 17 suggestions valued at $760.20.

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Each task has a set of milestones. For example, you can reach a certain level or complete a particular section. You will receive money for each milestone. The more complicated or difficult the task is, the more likely you are to earn.

Testerup allows users to download the Match Master game and complete the installation process. As soon as you start playing, you will earn $1.00 per level 3 reached. $2.00 per level 7 and so forth until you reach your level 23 earning $25. You can earn $54.50 by completing all tasks and levels, including an in-app order.

What is the purpose of Testerup?

Testerup’s user testing is simple. You’ll be presented with a variety of tasks once you have signed up by using your Google or Facebook login details, email address, and/or Facebook login. Many of the first tasks include mobile games such as Bingo, Scrabble or matching and dice.

You can also install and run market research applications on your desktop computer or tablet. Then, you will need to leave a Trustpilot Review under the email address that you used when signing up.

Some tasks are marked as premium. After completing five Premium Tasks, you will become a premium tester and you will receive more premium offers, higher payment, and you can earn bonus points.

The tasks can be accessed on a computer desktop, but some games require a smartphone or tablet. Some tasks might only be available to iOS and Android users.

Users are able to select specific tasks or games but cannot choose from the full range of jobs. Some of these tasks will require that you download an app from a third party through the Testerup web site. The app’s terms and conditions and privacy policies may apply.

After Testerup verifies the installation of the third-party application, you must follow the instructions for the tasks to get the maximum payout. The tasks you complete that aren’t games can only take a couple of minutes and may pay a minimal amount. Games have higher payouts but, depending on how long you play within the time limit, it is possible that you will never reach the maximum payout.

Cashback may be given in exchange for making in-app purchases. Although you do not have to purchase anything, the highest payout is usually only available if you follow all directions. You can earn $3.00 after you complete your first purchase in the Match Masters Game. This cashback will help you reach $54.50 in the game.

Testerup – How to increase your income

To earn the maximum amount of cash using Testerup, you will need to practice. Take a look at the following tips for maximizing your time.

Testerup every day: If you want to make Testerup profitable, you will need to interact frequently with it, particularly if you accept the game task. Create a daily plan for using the apps you’ve downloaded to advance in existing offers and games. Testerup is a great way to stay on top of the latest offers and tasks.

Accept premium tasks. While each task has a maximum dollar amount for the job, accepting tasks that are labeled premium can earn you better future chances. While premium tasks may not pay the most, choosing them can open up more options and allow you to earn higher rewards.

It may be necessary to select tasks in order of priority if you only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to Testerup. Choose tasks that are more lucrative but require a greater time commitment (such as games) while also choosing premium tasks which offer additional earning opportunities.

Refer friends. Testerup also pays you to refer your friends. Testerup pays you 10% of the earnings your friend makes if they use Testerup to complete a particular task. Testerup pays you $15, for instance, if a friend earns $150 during the first 12 months of participation. You can refer your friends using a personalized link or through social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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