The Palm Jumeirah area is the perfect place to buy property


Palm Jumeirah is the largest man-made island in the world. It is the only one created not spontaneously but according to a plan from a rational and aesthetic point of view. The Palm Jumeirah area is recognizable from the mainland, water, and the air. The “trunk” and 16 symmetrical “leaves” are surrounded by a perfect circle of a crescent breakwater, and each of the sections is ideal sandy beaches washed by the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. Anyone who visits Dubai can compare apartment prices in Palm Jumeirah and find the best place to live here.

The idea and history of the Palm Jumeirah

Dubai is a paradise for tourists. It has a comfortable temperature all year round, a gentle sea, and warm sun, which attract tourists worldwide. The only thing that did not suit the ruler of the emirate, Sheikh Mohammed, was the insufficient, in his opinion, length of the coastline. Initially, it was only 52 km, and these kilometers turned out to be the most popular. The density of buildings scared away tourists and investors, and attempts to lay artificial channels and soften the climate of the mainland did not give the desired effect. Then a unique creative solution ripened – to increase the spit at the expense of artificial islands. The first attempt was the construction of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. Assessing the prospects, the sheikh announced the start of construction.

The idea of making the Palm Jumeirah district a palm tree immediately appealed to investors. Such a shape could symbolize a tropical paradise and double the length of Dubai’s beaches. At the same time, the main concept was formed – the Palm Jumeirah area in Dubai was supposed to appear on natural materials and embankments and not on metal piles. However, it immediately became clear that the elements would remove embankment. Experts invited from Holland proposed a simple solution – to surround the island with an additional embankment breakwater. The last amendment to the master plan was the definition of breakpoints on the crescent. And this decision is also forced – in a completely closed reservoir, the water would begin to stagnate. The final decision can now be seen by any tourist who decides to visit the Palm Jumeirah area in Dubai.

Life on the Palm Jumeirah

To be fair, the Palm Jumeirah area in Dubai is not a unique location. There are three palm islands in the emirate – in addition to Palm Jumeirah, there are also Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, built after the success of the first project according to the same concept. But they are still in the stage of construction and organization of infrastructure, and the remoteness from the historical center is not in their favor. The Palm Jumeirah area is also an opportunity to get to the continental business part of the emirate and the foot of iconic skyscrapers in minutes along a high-speed highway. Even considering the external and climatic similarity, the Palm Jumeirah area remains the most famous in all of Dubai.

Benefits of owning real estate in Dubai on Palm Jumeirah:

  • the opportunity to live in one of the most recognizable places on the planet;
  • ideal environment, access to elite recreation and infrastructure;
  • residence permit and visa privileges for relatives.

The Palm Jumeirah area can also be considered in terms of investment attractiveness. With each new skyscraper and completed chain of villas, the choice of free space on the island is shrinking. Scarcity ensures demand and price increases. Even now, the yield of objects purchased at the development stage is 9-10% per annum. Over time, it will only grow. We are talking about resale or leasing to vacationers.

Infrastructure and environment

Initially, the developer Nakheel carried out the island’s development. He owns large shopping centers and malls on the island. Its architects also laid down the basic concept of development, which contractors adhere to at present:

  • shopping and leisure facilities are concentrated on the axial part of Palma;
  • the outer part of the crescent is occupied by hotels and entertainment complexes for tourists;
  • the “leaves” of the palm island have been turned into valleys of fashionable 2-3-storey villas and mansions – this is a low-rise building made in the same style;
  • at the base of the palm tree, before leaving the island or immediately behind it, there are large clinics, schools, and childcare facilities that can be visited by both mainland residents and property owners on the island itself.

The center and highlight of the island is a high-rise hotel – but this is the only high-rise building on the island, so nothing prevents the owners of this luxurious property in Dubai from enjoying the sun and a beach holiday. At the same time, almost every mansion, and even more so a hotel, has a private beach. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge leading to a high-speed highway.

Palm Jumeirah attractions

The island was conceived as a means of attracting tourists. It is not surprising that it has a lot of unique buildings and objects that have become the hallmark of Dubai as a whole:

  • Wild Wadi Waterpark – cascades of slides and lazy rivers, decorated in the style of fairy tales about Sinbad the Sailor;
  • Aquaventure Water Park – a modest area but famous for its creative designs, a water complex;
  • observation deck The View at The Palm, located on the 52nd floor of a skyscraper;
  • the largest singing fountain in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records, The Palm Fountain;
  • Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium with a marine theater and an area where you can communicate with dolphins and sea lions.

At the exit from the location is the most famous Dubai market in the emirate Madinat. For those who have chosen the Palm Jumeirah area, this is a recreation area and a favorite shopping spot.

The artificial nature of the island does not allow its creators to relax. At the request of environmentalists concerned about the ocean ecosystem’s state, the island’s base is examined weekly. Fortunately, the huge, self-supporting slabs remain motionless. They even allow you to think about even more global projects. Thus, the owners of the Water Discus Hotel said that they are ready to build the underground part of the restaurant – the second disk will be sunk to the bottom, and visitors can dine among seahorses and corals. Obviously, this will not be the last highlight of the world’s eighth wonder, the Palm Jumeirah area.

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